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  1. same question, there is a good possibility a stock I hold in a share dealing account is going to delist, what happens if they do?
  2. Thanks, just wanted to clarify, can I also assume that there is no rollover/ overnight fee until expiry? Or if there is where I find this out? also, is there anyway to take out an option on specific shares without phoning up?
  3. Hi, I have been share dealing for a while now with IG but wondered what these are on the spread bet account with future dates? Dec-20 Mar-21 Jun-21 are they futures or options or something else? Where can I find out if they will have overnight funding and what happens on expiry?
  4. Does anyone know what happens in my IG account if I hold shares in a company that delists but is still running? I know I cannot then trade them on here but do I get the paper shares/ pink sheets or am i just s*it out of luck? cannot find anything useful on the IG FAQs...
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