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  1. Hi, i am playing around with the VIX for a while and have noted an almost perfect negative correlation with the underlying S&P500 index. The negative correlation surprises me as the S&P hits all time highs. Especially as even on days with very low volatility where the index remains flat, the VIX will also remain flat. Usually I would expect such a substantial slowdown to yield a decline in VIX, but it seems like only increasing index values lead to a reduction in the VIX. Does someone have an intuitive explanation for that?
  2. Hi, i am trading on IG for a while now, mostly with indices or commodities. I have been recently experimenting with trading the Volitality Index and I am quite surprised about the commodity interest which seems horrendous. I understand that leverage is substantially lower for the Vola Index, which adds to my surprise. Eg for a position of GBP 2,500 per point I have been charged c. GBP100 per day. That is not at all comparable with fees for indices or gold / silver (which have a much higher leverage). Can someone explain how those daily fees are calculated?
  3. Stupid question, but i can't find it: a lot of articles write about the expected interest rate decrease by the FED, but i can't find the date and time of that announcement.
  4. Hi folks, I haven't traded for many years and started recently again. Pretty simple strategy: I am looking on a daily chart for the major indices (eg S&P500, Nikkei 225, DAX30) and have Bollinger bands (20, 2.5). As soon as there is a significant breakout below the lower band (or higher band, but since I have started trading, it was always the lower one) I will buy in. Usually not into a straight falling knife but wait until there is some stability eg for 15-30min at a low level. I have placed now around 15 trades and although some of them were deep red (i have to start reading up again on stop loss, money management etc) at some point, they all bounced back into the Bollinger Bands and gave me a nice profit. Always within 24h, in the vast majority within 8h (ie same day). Now I realise that's an extremely simple strategy but I have 15 winning trades out of 15 and made around 3k on a 20k account. What am I missing? I am deeply pessimistic usually and if something is too simple, there is usually a major issue. Obviously, looking on longer windows, opportunities with the above are rather scarce as the prices are usually always within the Bollinger Bands and I guess I was lucky with the high volatility to have so many opportunities, but it seems like a simple and effective strategy as of now.
  5. I am aware of the various services outside of IG but in order to trade on it I would need to have it on IG and also based on IG prices
  6. Is there a possibility to view the Gold/Silver ratio in a live chart format? Right now i always need to calc the ratio based on the provided prices which is tedious.
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