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  1. Hi, i am playing around with the VIX for a while and have noted an almost perfect negative correlation with the underlying S&P500 index. The negative correlation surprises me as the S&P hits all time highs. Especially as even on days with very low volatility where the index remains flat, the VIX will also remain flat. Usually I would expect such a substantial slowdown to yield a decline in VIX, but it seems like only increasing index values lead to a reduction in the VIX. Does someone have an intuitive explanation for that?
  2. Hi, i am trading on IG for a while now, mostly with indices or commodities. I have been recently experimenting with trading the Volitality Index and I am quite surprised about the commodity interest which seems horrendous. I understand that leverage is substantially lower for the Vola Index, which adds to my surprise. Eg for a position of GBP 2,500 per point I have been charged c. GBP100 per day. That is not at all comparable with fees for indices or gold / silver (which have a much higher leverage). Can someone explain how those daily fees are calculated?
  3. Stupid question, but i can't find it: a lot of articles write about the expected interest rate decrease by the FED, but i can't find the date and time of that announcement.
  4. Hi folks, I haven't traded for many years and started recently again. Pretty simple strategy: I am looking on a daily chart for the major indices (eg S&P500, Nikkei 225, DAX30) and have Bollinger bands (20, 2.5). As soon as there is a significant breakout below the lower band (or higher band, but since I have started trading, it was always the lower one) I will buy in. Usually not into a straight falling knife but wait until there is some stability eg for 15-30min at a low level. I have placed now around 15 trades and although some of them were deep red (i have to start reading
  5. I am aware of the various services outside of IG but in order to trade on it I would need to have it on IG and also based on IG prices
  6. Is there a possibility to view the Gold/Silver ratio in a live chart format? Right now i always need to calc the ratio based on the provided prices which is tedious.
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