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  1. @TrendFollower, I have an investment portfolio so know a little about the markets & feel it is the right time to trade but trade more cautiously than couple of years ago. I fancy starting with FX and use a sniper type approach getting in/out at haste whilst analysing candle movement/size
  2. Thank you so much I will take a good look at these markets and guide very kind
  3. I have returned to IG Trading after jumping in three years ago and losing £500 almost straightaway. I hasten to add this was totally my mistake being too bold and very naive! I want to give it another go and start day trading but start very small with the aim of gaining knowledge and increase funds at a much slower pace. Before I start can anyone recommend which markets to start trading on or markets more suitable for people like me wanting to day trade and learn slowly with the aim of gaining experience and knowledge.