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  1. I have just been thinking about these new margin rules that ESMA are proposing, Lets say they are put into place and we have to abide by them.. Well would it be possible that somebody could set up a loan company where the money you borrow can only be used for collateral purposes, Lets say IG themselves lend me £10,000 ( and for which I would pay a small fee for the loan of that money ) That money goes into my account, but I cannot use that money for anything other than being used for collateral against spread betting or CFDs, I would then have enough money to be able to carry on trading and cover the high leverage margins, And IG would know their £10,000 was perfectly safe because I would not be able to spend it any where else, And also IG ( or another company who loans the money ) would make a small amount from me for the loan of the money, This is probably something that would never be able to get off the ground but it was just a thought...
  2. Thanks for the info... But yeah it is on the new platform where I can't seem to figure it out...
  3. Hi all.. Does anybody know how you can turn off... or hide the crosshairs on the new trading platform ( and also the grid lines over the charts ? ) The crosshairs are very jumpy on my computer and when I move the curser it take a while for the crosshairs to move... and they constantly leave a ghost image behind of where they have been I just find the crosshairs and grid very distracting but I have not found a way to swith them off yet... I will attach a picture of the ghost images...
  4. Hi.. I am just trying to convert from the old platform to the new platform and the alerts feature is one of the things I use the most When setting an alert on the old platform I was able to tick a box that would send a sms message to my phone when the alert was triggered I cant seem to find that option on the new platform ? ( the SMS text message option is very useful for me because I am not always at the computer and I cannot get a 4g internet signal on my phone and therefore if I am away from my computer or out of wifi range then without the SMS message I will miss the alert, Also on the old platform when an alert had been triggered you also got a visual message on the screen to say what had been triggered but I have not noticed that on the new platform..
  5. Hi, I have been trying to get used to the new platform but in the end I always go back to the old one, I am certainly not a big trader by any means but I do have a few comments about the new platform, I would like to be able to float a chart away from the IG platform so I could have it open on my desktop or so I could have it open while I am working on another program... ( I was able to do this on the old platform but have not found a way to do it on the new... there is an option on the top right of the charts to open and float in new window ) I would like to be able to switch of or hide the crosshairs on the charts and also the box grid.. I find these very very distracting, especially the crosshairs because they constantly leave a ghost shadow of where they have been and its very annoying, ( Maybe there is a way but I have not found it yet.. ) I am using windows 10... firefox and its a good new high end computer but I still get the ghost shadows of the crosshairs on the charts I will try and attach a screen shot... I do like the dark layout option though.... thats very good ( Quick update.... I have found a way to open a chart and float it in a new window... just click the little arrow next to GBP/USD etc and it gives you that option.. I still cant hide those crosshairs though or the grid.. )