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  1. Hi @David30b @dmedin @Caseynotes, We found that it was a problem for all users who have BitDefender installed, it creates extensions in certain browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari which then blocks the New Web Trading Platform from loading up. The easiest way to get around it when using chrome is to type chrome://extensions/ in the URL field, then disable the BitDefender extensions. Our developers are working on a permanent solution as it may happen after every BitDefender update. Hope that helps. Anton
  2. Hi @TONY_UK, Due to the nature of EA's they are very hard to support, they are all 3'rd party scripts so we do not know what the conditions or intended functionality is. For support on an EA you can to go to the MT4 community forum: MQL4.com. Thanks Anton
  3. Hi , From the screenshot it looks like is correct, it is a connection issue or possibly a firewall problem. The Pull data is a type of offline mode that ProRealTime switches to if connection is lost to the ProRealTime server, if connected the Pull data should display as Push+. You can try this link to configure your firewall, it may resolve the problem. Configure Firewall Thanks Anton
  4. Hi There is a problem with indicator alerts in in general, our developers are looking into it and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. The problem is not specific to the new platform, the back end software used for alerts is the same whether you set the alert from the new platform or the old platform. I am sorry that you are receiving delayed alerts, the investigation is treated as a priority and once resolved you will be able to receive immediate alerts on any of the platforms. Thanks Anton
  5. Hi In Prorealtime the answer to allot of your questions would depend on your timezone settings in Prorealtime. Right click on the chart and go to "custom trading hours" to see which settings you have in use. A1: Pivot points would be calculated based on the candles visible on your chart, from that same trading hours section you can either include or exclude weekend data. A2: Trading hours are also set from the same section mentioned above. B: You would set up your trading times from the custom trading hours section, each category has its own settings so for instance shares UK and shares US would have their own individual time zone settings. If you have any further questions then please let us know. Thanks Anton
  6. Hi , The volume bars on our web trading platform uses the color of the corresponding price candle so if the price candle is red the volume bar will be red. In MT4 the volume bar color is determined by whether the previous bar was higher or lower, if the previous bar was higher then the next bar will be red. The values differing between MT4 and the IG platform could be due to a delayed feed, on Mt4 it would not be as quick to update as it would be on our web platform. Do you generally experience a difference in the amount on the last candle only? Thanks Anton
  7. Hi & I checked with our MT4 Technical team and unfortunately it is not as simple as importing our IG chart data into MT4. Due to the complexity of the task it will not happen in the near future. Thanks Anton
  8. Hi There was allot of work done in the last week in terms of resolving errors on the P&L Breakdown report, any data from 15/09/2017 should be correct now. If it is still incorrect then please mail us a screenshot of what your report looks like to helpdesk.uk@ig.com Thanks Anton
  9. Hi , Yes using ProRealTime you can definitely create an automatic strategy to place trades based on a crossing over/under a certain indicator conditions. You are also able to make use of multiple conditions in one strategy. If you would like to see an example of what a strategy could look like then click on this link: ProOrder Thanks Anton
  10. Hi The smaller the timeframe you use the less historical data you can see. Typically the minimum data limits would be: Tick data; (Tick by tick, 1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minute): 2 days Intraday data: 5 minutes and up to but not including 60 minute time-frames: 1 month Hourly views will have: 3 months Daily view: as much data as possible. I checked on my side and the limit for the DAX on a hourly timeframe would be 2016, there is unfortunately no way to increase this as that is the way that data is managed. As data exceeds one year then it will be consolidated into daily data which is why if you switch to daily you are able to go further back. Thanks Anton
  11. Hi all PRT is back up and running, and we're working on backfilling the missing data. Once the data has been backfilled, ProOrder strategies will recommence. Anton
  12. Hi all Unfortunately, the issue is still ongoing. ProOrder automated strategies will not be operational right now, so please ensure you manage any positions via our web platform or apps. You can call our helpdesk to turn off any strategies if you wish. Anton
  13. Hi all We're aware of the technical issues and are currently investigating. Anton
  14. Hi , , , There is a display problem where some charts have gaps on them. A solution was found by the technical team who are currently implementing the fix, we hope to have it resolved by the end of the day for all charts. We apologise for the errors on the charts Thanks Anton
  15. Hi We have picked this up earlier today and escalated the issue to our app developers, I am sorry about the error and we hope to have it resolved for you as soon as possible. Thanks Anton
  16. Hi Unfortunately we no longer provide an IG windows app from the app store, I also checked with the developers to see if we have a link we can send you from where you would be able to download the app but the app is entirely discontinued. Unless you have access to a IOS device on an Android device then you would not be able to download the app. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by this and I understand that you prefer using a windows device, there is just not enough mobile windows users for us to continue providing a windows app going forward. Thanks Anton
  17. Hi We have not measured it unfortunately and it would also depend on several factors but I did a quick test and 5 minutes used 35.5 MB of data so for 30 minutes you would roughly be using 106.5 MB. Hope this helps Anton
  18. Hi At this stage DDE export is not in development and as a result will most likely not be added in the near future. We do offer API from the labs.ig.com webstite which can perform the same function but as you noted in your post it does require a certain level of coding experience. We will keep you posted if there are any developments in terms on DDE exports in ProRealTime. Thanks Anton
  19. Hi We have asked IT finance this question before based on the screenshots you had sent to us. IT finance replied that the data they use is the un-modified version of the feed, this is something they cannot change. You can perhaps specify your trading hours for the LSE feed however this would limit your historical data by a considerable amount. We would be happy to query this matter with IT finance again if you have any new data on the issue. Thanks Anton
  20. Hi You are correct, at the moment you can only create drawings in the price window so if the indicator is displayed in a separate window then you would not be able to add a drawing to it. It might be something worth considering for future updates so I have forwarded your suggestion to our developers. Thank you for the feedback Anton
  21. Hi At the moment there is no plan to include the tick data volume from our platform's FX pairs to ProRealTime, I will send your feedback to IT finance for further consideration. At the moment you will only be able to see volume for instruments where the volume data will comes from an exchange or underlying market such as shares and indices. Thanks Anton
  22. Hi , I will send your feedback to our developers, the screener is pretty basic the way it is now so there is room for improvement. If you are looking for a more complex screener then you can make use of ProRealTime which is our advanced charting package. Click on this link if you would like more information on ProRealTime https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platform-prorealtime Thanks Anton
  23. Hi Do you mean alerts that trigger every time the condition is met? This is currently possible when setting an alert, there is no setting to receive an alert based on a specific time but I will send it to our developers as feedback if it is something you would like to see. Thanks Anton
  24. Hi At the moment we do not have any indicator to display historical spread, we also do not have the ability on the charts to display the bid, ask and mid price at the same time. I will send your suggestion to our developers to be considered in future updates, it might be possible to add indicators that will display spread based on the date of the candles, the same could apply to the prices where the candles could maybe overlap or have a line on the chart displaying the mid/bid/ask price along with the current price that is viewed similar to what is available on MT4. Thanks Anton
  25. Hi , I have spoken to our app developers and at this stage there are no planned changes to the DMA interface coming in the near future. You make a good point in terms of how we can improve the way market depth is displayed on the app and it is something that is going to be looked at, however it will be quite some time before any DMA changes will be implemented. Thanks Anton
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