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  1. Thanks for your reply. I hadn't, but I just did and the ones I tried to trade are. I tried several times to trade Apple for instance - it looks like I can sell (it has a sell button to the right of my position) but not buy. The other stocks (both US & UK) just say 'market closed', so the market is open for these stocks, I can probably sell, but I cannot buy. Also the 'available to deal' section suggest it is not a funding issue, unless this is not the case (I have unsettled debit to almost the same amount, but I'm fairly sure the problem existed even when that wasn't the case & i
  2. For some reason I cannot seem to place orders on US stocks with extended hours trading during pre or post market trading hours even though IG seems to indicate this is an option. I seem to have no trouble during normal trading hours but either side seems to be a problem (my W-8BEN as a non US resident for tax purposes remains valid). Where I already own such stocks a button appears to the right indicating I can sell so the issue may relate only to buying. If I try to place a market order this is rejected on account of the type, but I cannot even place a limit order (i.e. that could fill durin
  3. hi, I have been trading both UK & US stocks in excess of 3 trades per month for both types of trade. When I just traded UK trades 3 or more times a month I benefitted from the reduced commission per trade of £3 but I noticed not the 0% commission for US trades. My question is whether I must definitely make 3 or more trades of both US & UK stocks in order to benefit from reduced £3 commission UK stocks. I saw some guidance indicating the need to make 10 or more trades per month for the lowest commissions but there was no indication of how that would work. As I'm aware IG makes money o
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