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  1. @CaseynotesOk I will give this a read. Thank you so much for takeing the time to help me out ❤️
  2. @CaseynotesFinally is this specific to the IG platform. Or no matter what you can't buy "shares" of the S&P no matter what broker you have?
  3. @CaseynotesI understand there are many ways to invest. But this is not what I asked: I want to buy indexes not ETFs. So you are normally able to buy into an index but IG dose not let you do that with the S&P it just lets you speculate. Is this true or not?
  4. @CaseynotesBut Warren Buffett famous says that you should invest in the S&P500 as an average individual. So he is not refereeing to "buying" into the index; but he is saying you should "bet" that the index will increase in value using a leverage account?
  5. @CaseynotesBut why is that? The US500 clearly has a price right? So are you able to buy "shares" in the index, but with the IG platform you can't do that and you are only able to speculate the direction of movement? And one last thing: What do you mean " as they are a derivative" derivatives of what, the real S&P?
  6. Good day @Caseynotes I mean the original S&P500; the index of 500 largest companies having common stock listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or the Cboe BZX Exchange. THE S&P500. I don't really understand why there is any confusion, it is arguably the most famous index in the world. I'm not sure man. I just a normal account where you buy and sell actual shares. No leverage or anything.
  7. I was looking to buy into the S&P 500 index. But when I search "S&P500" in the IG platfrom I get the "US500" index. Comparing the prices I conclude that the US500 and the S&P500 are the same index. But why did IG change the name of the index? And lastly I am unable to buy or sale in this index. I get a red cross saying "data only". Please help
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