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  1. Ok thank you. I'm probably being obtuse here, sorry! But how do buyers/sellers signal what price they are willing to buy and sell at if not through their actions on the market?
  2. Hi @Caseynotes, thanks for the help again. Is the change in perceived value decided on by brokers?
  3. Hello, On the 20th of February, a firm released its 2018 full year results and the price surged 10%. I understood that this would typically be a result of investors seeing the positive results released, and demand for the share driving the price up, however, the screen shot below shows the trading volume as being similar to the days prior to and after the release. So if the trading volume is staying the same, what is driving the price up?
  4. Hello, I have recently opened a live account having opened a demo account 15 months ago and spending some time learning the basics of trading. There is obviously a lot of information available to support decision making but I am wondering if there are any particular economic or corporate news releases that are a "must read" for investors/traders. This may be too vague a question as I guess it depends on your trading strategy, but any advice you can give is greatly appreciated.
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