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  1. I have never had chart issues with IG on Telstra mobile. It the last 3 trading days they don’t work any more. You can’t just ”blame Telstra”. If they were 1% of users fine but not when they are the largest carrier.
  2. Thanks. I spent forever trying to find this in the help.
  3. I have an open short position (let's say at $1), and essentially want to put a stop loss in place (eg: if the price breaks out above $1.20) , I want to close out the short. So I thought the right answer would be t ouse Open to Order Buy - limit at $1.20 But that isn't right. What's the right trade choice?
  4. I have the same problem with : ASX: SNC (Sandon Capital) and another one I can't remmeber off the top of my head.
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