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  1. It was a limit order. I look at the order level, it is a correct numeric value. I suspect, there is some constraint imposed on the limit level in relation to the market price being traded at the point the order was placed. But I can't find any documentation on this. I would appreciate if you /anyone can shed light on this. Note: the same limit order was successfully accepted in subsequent API call.
  2. I encountered Web API edit working order (url \workingorder_otc\DealId _ rejected with reason: ATTACHED_ORDER_LEVEL_ERROR. What are the possible causes for this rejection? Most of the the times I don't gt this error.
  3. What is the difference between Open Ticket in New Window and Open Market in New Window? I there a User Guide for the new web platform? I prefer a proper User Guide; the 'How-To...' can only be a supplement.
  4. Currently I am also encountering the same problem : Lightstreamer error: 7 message: Allowed session count reached. I found this thread on the Internet: https://forums.lightstreamer.com/showthread.php?2685-error-7-Allowed-number-of-session-reached Can one of IG Tech Support staff confirmed this, is LightStreamer for our Demo account run in Evaluation license mode or Demo mode? I have been testing using Demo account for a month but never encountered this problem until today, so I suspect there is some 'configuration' error.
  5. Thks for the response. I opened a IG-Demo account followed the steps . The first 2 screenshot showed the response from IG Terminal Client that the account with $100,000 has been created. The last screenshot showed that the balance in the account created is $10,000 only (strange. maybe a bug).
  6. I create a IG- MT4 DEMO acct. It shown the account will have an initial balance of 100,000 SGD. But when the demo account was created, it only has $10,000 initial balance. I want to test with a larger initial capital. Please look into this issue and revert.
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