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  1. It was a limit order. I look at the order level, it  is  a correct numeric value.

    I suspect, there is some constraint imposed on the limit level in relation to the market price being traded at the point the order was placed. But I can't find any documentation on this. I would appreciate if you /anyone can shed light on this.

    Note: the same limit order was successfully accepted in subsequent API call.

  2. Currently I am also encountering the same problem :
    Lightstreamer error: 7 message: Allowed session count reached.

    I found this thread on the Internet:


    It said:
    The Lightstreamer server when runs in DEMO mode allows as many as 20 concurrent sessions. When you try to create the 21st session you get the reported error message.
    A full Production license (as well as the Evaluation license) has no limit on concurrent users. 

    Can one of IG Tech Support staff confirmed this, is LightStreamer for our Demo account run in Evaluation license mode or Demo mode?

    I have been testing using Demo account for a month but never encountered this problem until today, so I suspect there is some 'configuration' error.



  3. ProRealTime DDE plugin (prortdde.exe) is a handy tool that enables us to export in real-time data from the list displayed in the Lists window of our ProRealTime workstation. 


    Unfortunately the version of PRT we are using does not have the option of  "Export DDE". 

    Thus we cannot use this handy tool. With this tool, I can export real-time data to Excel to perform analysis.


    Can we have the "Export DDE" feature enabled on PRT? 


    Thnak you.



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