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  1. When I click the blue "add account" button I get a whole bunch of options but then when I click one (say, "MetaTrader spread betting") a pop opens and then nothing else happens. It is just blank.
  2. Thank you @JamesIG - I think what you are telling me is that I was thinking (wrongly) that the Donchian Channel would show highs and lows of 20 calendar days; whereas the Donchian Channels are actually based on business days (plus one day for each weekend).
  3. I am new to this so bear with me. I don't think the Donchian Channels are working properly on the platform. Below you will see that I have set the Donchian to 20. Yet, as you can see by the measure tool, c. 20 days after the new low, the bottom line of the Donchian Channel has not moved back up to where it should be (i.e. it has not moved up to the point which shows the low of 20 days before. I have found several examples of this. Can someone put me right please?