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  1. Asian markets were largely negative, dropping for a 3rd consecutive session on further trade escalation US - Canada trade talks knocked as Trump threatens to quit NAFTA altogether US markets closed for Labor Day Oil prices dipped lower on Monday on the back of rising supply from OPEC and the U.S Asian overnight: The two main rounds of negotiation on Friday have come back to bite markets at the start of this week, with the breakdown in US-Canada trade talks and UK-EU Brexit talks hitting market sentiment. Once again Trump has threatened to quit NAFTA altogether, knocking
  2. Good morning, The message you are seeing here is relating to the fact that we are not able to trade on this stock with controlled risk opening, meaning we are not taking guaranteed stops on this market. Due to your account type it means that you can only trade using guaranteed stops on all positions. If you wanted to change your account type you can call a member of our trading services team to see if your account can be changed to trade with or without these stops. To see whether a stock can be traded with guaranteed stops you will need to click on the information symbol on the d
  3. Good afternoon all! I gained an interest in equities from my previous role at a stockbrokers, since then I have been a regular trader in the equities market. The sector my portfolio is centered on at the moment is Finance/Insurance. The focus I have for the future will be on the US equity market. I feel this is an interesting area that will see scope in the years to come, with a specific look at the construction sector. The decisions I make in trading are based solely on fundamental and macro data. I feel that technical analysis has a place when trading commodities and FX. However I fe
  4. Hi We do not list companies who are offering Rights Issues or going through any type of corporate action. If you were an existing holder of the company on the ex date, then you would be informed about an upcoming Rights Issues via an email from our corporate actions team. If you are not a holder of a company that is issuing a Rights Issue then you would have to keep up to date with company announcements. If you are wanting to keep up to date with news on shares, please click here for news and earnings reports from our analysts. Thanks! Chris
  5. Hi I apologise that the feature you require is not available on the IG share dealing platform. We have been looking at various enhancements to complete our offering dividend with reinvestment being one of them. I appreciate that you would like to transfer your holdings away from IG, whilst I can say we are looking at introducing these new features I am not able to provide a time frame for when they will be implemented. If you wish to proceed with the transfer we can action that free of charge and you will be able to close the account without any closure fees. In order to initiat
  6. Hi We appreciate your comments and this will be submitted to the feedback team. To provide you with some further information, we have made these changes due to the current situation we are facing with tougher regulations in the leveraged environment. In your example if we use the original Guaranteed stop margin, then the leverage on the position is approximately 1000-1. Unfortunately, we will no longer be allowing the minimum margin requirements by using guaranteed stops, we are effectively enforcing minimum leverage restrictions. Thanks. Chris
  7. Hi In terms of setting automatic trigger prices to sell your shares in GNK, you will only be able to do this if the function is available under the order type function. The 2 order types are: 1) Stop Market Day - this would be working for that day only and then would expire. 2) Stop Market GTC - this would be held on the system for up to 90 calendar days and then would expire. However if the stock is a SETsQX (market maker - quote driven) stock then you will not have this function to set automatic trigger prices to sell your shares. I hope this helps and answers your qu
  8. Hi , In terms of your question, we do not provide the name of the Nominee service that we use. I can tell you that the provider we use is used by a wide range of brokers and is separate to IG. If you have any questions in relation to the platform or how to trade on our share dealing accounts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, try searching the community to see if it has already been answered. Thanks! Chris
  9. Hi In this community you can start a topic of discussion surrounding the markets or ask questions about functionality of the platform. In answer to your question, a rights issue on a CFD account will react the same as the underlying market, in other words if you held the shares physically in a share dealing account. To clarify, if you held 1000 shares and there is a rights issue ratio of 2 for 1. You would have the right to take up 2000 shares at the subscription price, you will also have the ability to trade out of the rights. The only time this will be different to holding t
  10. Hi The new web platform is available across all IG spread betting clients now. I will be contacting you via email shortly to show you how the IG dashboard should look and the section you will need to click on. Thanks!
  11. Hi When you purchase shares with IG you are placing them with us as a nominee holder. That means that you will no longer require physical share certificates for your purchases, these will be available to trade online. This allows for swift buying and selling all at the click of a button and available on the move using one of our mobile applications. Hope this answers your question, if you have any questions about how to use the web platform or sell your shares please contact us. Alternatively you can visit the education section of the website for tutorials on the platform by clicking
  12. Hi To access the new platform you will need to log in to your IG account and go to your My IG section. All your IG live and demo accounts will be listed here, simply click on the blue tab to launch our new web trading platform. The moving average volume bars are not available on the charts at the moment, but this functionality is available on the advanced charting package we offer, Pro Real Time. I agree that this would be a good functionality to have added to our IG charts and will pass this on to our developers. In the meantime if you have any more feedback to add please do jo
  13. Thank you for your post! Looking at your request, we do have the option to place a stop buy/sell limit order. However this is not currently possible on the new or the classic web trading platform. We do, however, offer this type of order on our L2 Dealer platform. This is a more advanced platform that allows for more advanced order control. I am happy to pass on your feedback to our developers to add this to the new trading platform, for the moment please see the L2 Dealer platform. Link provided below: https://www.ig.com/uk/l2-trading-platform If you have any further quest
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