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  1. Hi @JamesIG, nice addition to indicators. 👍 Been looking for the Standard Deviation Channel indicator that goes on the chart. Can I request that for the next addition? 🍻
  2. Thanks so much for the explanation, I better start flicking between settings. 🍻
  3. Howdy folks! Maybe I'm opening a can of worms -- in my head. 🙃 As I was looking for a volume tick chart on the IG online platform (is there one?), I've just noticed the Ask, Bid & Mid price settings. It is set to Mid. Is this best? From my research opening and closing prices are Mid price anyway, whereas highs are usually Ask, and lows, Bid. Any advice would be appreciated. 🍻
  4. Thanks, @cryptotrader. Yes, the EUR dropped suddenly a day or two ago but came back strong -- surprisingly to me considering the negative ECB reports. Confused, but I hadn't taken Easter into account. Another lesson learnt. 😂
  5. Thanks, @Caseynotes. So I'm not imagining things. 🍻
  6. Howdy folks! Can someone with a bit more experience than me please tell me if the easter period is always like this? The markets seem slow and I can't read any of my indicators correctly. I mainly trade with GBP, so is it the current break from Brexit in the news that makes it feel so sloooow? Some bad reports in the Eurozone this week didn't have any major affects on the EUR. 😕 I'm reluctant to trade at all for the rest of this week. What about next week, after Easter Monday? Happy Easter! 🐣
  7. Thanks @Caseynotes, you're a legend as always. 🍻
  8. Thanks to @Mercury last week, I realised I needed to learn how to do stop losses. While I wrote of the virtues of jumping from a demo to a live account on this forum, I now see this is one thing I DEFINITELY should've of nailed before making the leap. So... from what I see the best option for this is the Trailing Stop Loss -- take your profits while you can. Finally, my question: can I set a trailing stop loss on an already open position? Say I want to place a bet quickly but don't have time to work out the math using ATR. Any advice would be most grateful. 🍻
  9. Thank you so much @Mercury for that in-depth analysis. I have stopped setting stop-losses because I get thrown out of the trades almost straight away -- I know, I get a slap on the wrist. Your explanation is very helpful. 🍻
  10. Thanks for the advice, @cryptotrader. I was wondering how to do that. 🍻
  11. Thanks again, @Caseynotes. You're very helpful. 🍻
  12. Thanks Caseynotes, will give it a go. 👍 Noticed you use screenshots all the time. Is it from the software you use or the operating system? 🍻
  13. Howdy folks! It's been 2 weeks now trading on IG and while the demo account gives a good overview of the site itself, it wasn't until I went live that I've really learnt how to trade. Being on losing positions with MY money sharpens the mind and got me scrambling for knowledge. I have found the GBPUSD to be a good starting pair to trade as the minimum PIP size is £0.13 on a spreadbet -- meaning low risk. Can anybody please recommend another pair that is good for newbs like myself? 🍻
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