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  1. I would like to know as to what has happened 'Trading Central' ? Number of months now it has disappeared from the tools box in the dealing platform. They were very useful analysis as to give fairly good guide lines in decision making. I would request you to reconsider having their service adding back into the dealing platform as before. I am sure this will give an extra edge in our research as we go along. To me, Trading Central analysis were better than the rest and I'm also sure lot of your clients will agree with me. Thank you very much.
  2. Is it possible, under one account a person can have advance charts of different instruments in more than one computers (3/4) simultaneously. I have problem losing mindset for the previous instrument whenever I go to research for the next chart. If I can have different instruments in 3/4 computers then I do not have this problem as I have seen it in a group, whereby they all have their own account.
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