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  1. On 18/01/2021 at 12:11, Caseynotes said:

    i stopped wasting time on your opinions a long time ago. whinge but still unable to refute any of the who, govt, ons, cdc, phe data posted here that trips up your blinkered bias but you still continue with it anyway.

    anyway, over 29,000 views - around a hundred a day. 

    Just popped back.  casey we've had our disagreements in the past but why the **** are you wasting your time with this **** moron?  H'es **** retraded repeating and bleating the same old shite.

    Ignore the daft ****!

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  2. Just now, MS0 said:

    Hi cannot access platform on browser, accidentally closed my trade when maneovering between watchlist and positions and page isnt loaded. Contacted customer services- waiting for call back


    I've lost money in the past thru platform Lag and accidentally Moving Stops or Limits because of it.

    Very difficult to prove however.

  3. 6 minutes ago, JJP said:

    This really is an unfortunate situation. It may well be just a capacity problem or other technical glitch, but the fact that I cannot find a message from IG to explain the situation is really galling and upsetting. I don't trade big and I rarely make money, but its my fun lockdown hobby and I would prefer to do that on a stable, reliable platform with clear customer service messaging when things go wrong. AM currently opening demo accounts with other regulated providers.

    I've tried several of the UK platforms and to be Fair to IG I find the Order Execution and Platform the easiest and quickest to use, but only if you're Spread Betting.  It's not very User Friendly if you're a Day Trader Buying and Selling Shares.

    On another note, I've have few problems over several months now, but I no longer Spread Bet either.  I prefer to Buy and Hold or Swing Trade.  Maybe my less frequent Scalping habits means I don't suffer the usual problems I've had for 2 years.  I don't know.

    What I do know, as I've stated, is that when I can claim I've placed over 200 Trades last month it has been stable.  If fact I don;t mind admitting it's the best it has been for a very long time, but there was a recent update or two.

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  4. I am a Day Trader/Swing Trader.  I rely on Market Open and Volatility.

    I've placed over 200 trades in the last month, but now I don't know if I'm up or down.

    I literally need the ability to Open and Close in Quick Succession or Dump if necessary.

  5. 4 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

    another one who keeps promising to go to another broker but just never seems to get round to it 🤔


    Are you all aware of the effort required to search thru an Individuals History of posts to Highlight and re-post in a manner that can only be seen as to undermine, ridicule and sabotage.

    @Caseynotes what the actual **** are you playing at you utter sychophant!

    are you for real pal?  Seriously?  there is something very definitly wrong with you pal.!!!!  You need sectioned!

  6. 4 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

    you come out with this old story every time there's a major outage. I remember IG spending time to sort it 2 years ago and came to the conclusion that as you were having problems almost daily and no one else was the cause must be on your side, they obviously see no reason to change their original decision.


    You CLEARLY haven't read ALL of my previous posts.

    Since I sent Video Evidence of Anomalies, I've had ZERO responces from IG.

    I don't even bother anymore.

    Why the **** do you keep coming back with the same ****?


  7. 2 hours ago, BASA said:

    Caseynotes you seem pro IG, not sure if you work for them or not, do you have any guidance?

    not wanting to start another War with Casey, but he's always got positive to say re; IG, but doesn't actually use the Retail Platform.  He uses MT4 and 'Pops in' to the Retail Plat just to say, 'Yeah, it's working!'.

    He's got me quite confused.

    @Caseynotes  Have you EVER had a single problem at all with IG, Support, Technical or otherwise?

    Seems the numbers have gorwn since it appeared I was the only punter with a complaint.

    Ironically, I barely mention it these days as it's Futile!  Hence, probably why we don't hear about all the others that have issues.


  8. 45 minutes ago, mfdoom420 said:

    I've moved to FTX already 100% up time and they have synthetic stocks, so you don't have these constant limitations on trading stocks all the time as I get on IG, PLUS lower fees.

    Unfortunately I've just tried FTX and their Timeframes is only 1minute at it's lowest, not 1sec 10 sec like here and the price on screen is well behind that of IG.  I haven't actually registered but you can see the Market action on screen.

    Can you confirm the difference in Price Action and Timeframe Limits?

  9. I resorted to screen recording all of my issues.  I had no replies from email and chat was useless too.  I've personally tagged Charlotte from IG into my questions but no longer get any replies.  Maybe there is a Legit reason for this I don't know.

    What I do know is that for 2 years using either Demo OR Live EVERY SINGLE DAY, I can no longer count the amount of issues I've experienced with a decent amount of them actually costing me money for one reason or another.

    The last time I had Charlotte's attention she advised me to email support, which I did.  They did eventually get back to me saying they had 'No Issues' with their Platform, and that I should check My End!  My End is/was  perfect!

    I then sent video evidence of my issues and have had no contact with IG since.  That was very early 2019.

    I've accepted it's not perfect.  However today, my Share Dealing Platform froze, malfunctioned call it whatever you like, at US Open 2.30pm.  It' was not useable until 2.50pm.  By then a lot of my shares had taken a dip.  It then malfunctioned again for roughly 5 mintues.

    I'm clearly not the only one having problems with this platform.........but It's clearly my fault!  Why am I still here?

    There's plenty of Chat in here, but you only need to go to Technical or Platform related Forums to see there are almost Zero annswers to the many questions asked.

    It's wrong to assume that because only a small amount of people complain that the issues are random and isoltated.

    However, it's doesn't take a genius to see how many people are actually Active on this Forum, how much Support is actually provided and the negative effect it's having with IG.

    I am not an advocate of Stike Action.  i am not a rotten apple.  I am not a Troll.  I am a grown up Professional person.

    We either accept it, or find another platform.

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  10. Unfortunately I've been with IG for 2 years now and lost a relatively small amount of money because of Platform Issues that have always been unresolved.  It's part of the package it seems.  It's simply a very poor retail experience.

  11. Hi, folks.  Not sure if this is the case for the OP but, a Stop Order may only be for 1 Day!  So after closing of the Market the Stop Order is removed.  You need to make sure the Order is Good Till Cancelled.

    Also some of the stocks move in the background and are not updated immediately.  What you see On Screen is Delayed.  It's possible your positions are already closed OR too close to the current market level that interfere's with the Minimum Stop Distance.

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