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  1. Sorry, same here. what has happened? I can't place any new positions while Spread Betting?
  2. HOLD THE PHONE... I'm possibly looking at my Balance before after and during trading, which fluctuates my P/L... Make sense?
  3. @dmedin @Caseynotes @DSchenk can any of you guys shed any light on these numbers?
  4. Thanks @BubbaBubbaBubba I thought that too. But it can't be the entire amount right? $5.64 up and $5.98 down. Only Down value is registered. Hi, @CharlotteIG Can you enlighten me on these figures please?
  5. Yes, some are different and set by the Exchange and not necessarily by IG. Though I could be mistaken.
  6. Not all stocks are available unfortunately. For instance, most Small Cap stocks aren't available for Spread betting due to low volatility or market cap.
  7. It's possible your account was Not settled.? What this means is it can take a day or two for Funds to actually register and record any profit or loss. I'm not too sure on this though.
  8. To add, and to save you adding it up, it's $5.64 profit on 47 shares up 12c and $5.98 loss on 46 shares down 13c.
  9. Hi, did you manage to find an answer to this? I'm also struggling to understand my Transaction History and make any sense of Costs etc.
  10. Hi folks. Seems I'm still a little lacking in knowledge at this late stage. I've been trading Shares for quite a while now and transacted probably hundreds of times. I'm struggling to either work out the values or interpret the information. From what I can gather, If I trade more than 3 stocks per month, commission is nil.....I can see this reflected on my trading History. From time to time I see a ' Charges' cost of $0.01. but I don't know if this is Per Share, OR per Deal or what? I know; still winging it. Take a look at a sample from today. Buying Fuelcell @ $14.2 and sellin
  11. Hey.......I don't get notifications so not seen any posts pop up..... What do you mean? What are most people in Denial of? 😮
  12. I almost can't type the words for how stupid I am to still be here. I've lost a small fortune of my balance since i joined IG and not all of it is down to my failed Trading. I can't see the charts to open or close positions. I can't get thru on the phone and receive no replies on email. Yet I keep putting my money down. Someone **** shoot me already.
  13. This actually makes a lot of sense lo.. I've never considered simply Shorting on reversals. haha. Simple when you think about it.
  14. As usual a very thorough feedback breakdown there Daniel. Very impressive. I'm pretty sure you're only a few steps away from success. Looking forward to your next report.
  15. Hi, My Share dealing is going far better than my Spread Betting. I put about £800 in share dealing to see if I could notice a difference. However, I made some rash trades early on. Then, the my account grew on Virgin from $16 to $28 where I took the profit. I grew the account to £1200, but it came down to £1000 as I sold other Stock. I added another £400 to make a total on £1400. I've bought and sold so many times I've given a lot of profit back in commissions. On the whole, I'm where I started. £800 +£400 = £1200. My account is actually @ £1245 as of now, but is down 13%. Total B
  16. Check your internet. No-one else is having a problem. Must be your end.
  17. I've been watching Nokia for a couple weeks. Went to Buy shares just now. Rejected. Why don't they put this on the ticket in the 1st place?????
  18. I know. I question my motives every day to no resolve. ha
  19. It's a good question that I've not found and answer to. I remember vaguely last year a stock went from 3 to 15pts spread!!! It was a Bad Day. As I was getting in and out of the trade, i was being stopped out immediately because of the fluctuation...
  20. Hi, I've not encountered many issues at all with slippage. Sure it happens at times of huge volatility, so if you're Day Trading off the Bell, it's more likely to happen then. Also, Too Tight of a Stop can get you out prematurely more often than not while Spread Betting as the Spread can be considerable and variable. If I place a Stop it's usually 2x the Spread OR 2x the Spread below or above the SR lines. However, this being said, it depends on your Strategy also. In 18 months of Day Trading or chart analysis, I've encountered slippage once on an Uber Drop last year.
  21. ...If you could also ad the VWAP too, and the ability to search thru the shares list by % moved that would be great.
  22. Hi, Charlotte. Can I add to this and ask why I can't add a Stop/Sell order on Powerhouse Energy Group in in my Share Dealing account? Thanks. I also can't remove my Limit/Take Profit from Supply@ME Capital PLC. Spread Betting.
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