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  1. Well if anyone else is interested, here's an update. I had a Short position on SIG Plc on the 19th June 2020. My chart froze sometime after either hours or days I'm not sure, with the message to Call to Trade only. I called and a guy tried to explain what had happened. There was an Open Offer and the market was temporarily closed. I asked him what it meant and he said don't worry. Do nothing and it will expire, so I left it. I closed my Sig Short on the 23rd June. I received an email from IG dated 23rd June at 13.41. Note that it's the 23rd!. In the email the Expiry of the Offer
  2. I think the unspoken word with Day Trading stocks is small profits in short time then repeat. What this achieves is Free Time. A stock can jump 20% in the first half hour. It will or might retrace the full amount and slowly climb again for the rest of the day, hence In and Out then you're done. I'm yet to prove my success personally, though my success by my Analysis with IG is currently 50% with 1:2 PL. I've adjusted myself massively to take a profit at 1:2. Keep my stops at 1.5x Spread OR below red candle on pullback. Only get in on New High of Previous Day. Anything else I try to a
  3. Hi, I'm not sure i follow you. Spread Betting and Share Dealing are not the same thing. As you've stated Buying Shares, then I'm going to assume this is what you mean. But if this is actually what you mean, then you can't add a Trailing Stop to a Share Account. They don't operate the same way. Shares are bought and sold. You literally Own them. they are your share of a company. Spread Betting is simply forecasting the direction of a share price. You don't own anything. So, to clarify, if you want to Buy and Sell Shares, you do that with the Share dealing Platform. You ca
  4. Why not try this? Last year I traded the FTSE. It was at a Support Level and on News I was anticipating a rise. I bet as small as I could. If I'd simply gone Long with 1 trade, I'd have made a profit of £20, but what I actually did was an exercise in Timing. Getting in and getting out; Anticipating Ups and Downs. I placed about 20 Trades in total and made £50 instead of £20, but also gave back £16 on the way up; roughly 70% success. So from point to point the Trade was worth £20, but I made £36 practicing. It was exhausting, but I proved to myself I could read the chart in front of
  5. I believe if you've managed to stop trading so you can re-evaluate, then you're already succeeding. This is page one. Now onto page 2. Dealing with Loss.
  6. I had a limit of £1400 last year. as soon as I hit this I pulled my money out and went back to my notes. All over my note book are the words in bold. STOP BUYING THE RISE-BUY THE DIP, NOT THE RISE. Over and over I'd do the same thing. Knowing what you've done is as valuable as knowing what to do. Don't give up. Losing is the first lesson.
  7. As a strict rule now, my Stop is below the red candle on the pullback OR 1.5x the Spread size. It cannot be dictated by an amount. The amount is determined by the position on the chart and the risk will always be determined by Price movement SL and Pullback points. This is also why it's important to trade stocks with small spread thus limiting risk amount.
  8. If you're changing Stop and Limit based upon account size then you're arguing with your own strategy. It's important to know what strategy you're applying to a trade before money even comes in to it. If a Day Trade Gap and Go has the potential to make 10% ore more but you allow a larger Stop because of a smaller account then you're changing the statistical narrative of the trade. A Gap and Go will go up then often Retrace, then go again half way at the end of the day. If you move your Stop lower, then it's very likely it's going to come right back down for a loss.
  9. Yes, the demo will show you the technical side of winning and losing, but not the Achilles heel of psychological loss; it's a downward trend to use a pun. Stay away from the demo. Bet low and often but make sure you're sure of where it's going when you're getting in and when you're getting out. It's important to remember that Losing is essential to psychological learning. We must risk and lose and accept before we can trade with confidence. Day Trading is a smaller time frame. In and out in minutes on small moves. The problem with SB and Day Trading is the small moves can often be t
  10. Nothing is wasted Casey, but you're assuming steps have not been taken. How about answering my threads that I post and help this one by answering the OP's.
  11. No, you can't take less than your risk. You need to make sure your PL ratio is 1:1 and 50% win rate just to stay in the game. Lets say you place 10 trades. 6 of them are winners, but you initially risk 2:1 not 1:2. and 4 of your 10 trades fail. 60% success rate is pretty good, if your PL is also good. 6 wins in a row and you're doing great. Let's say you risked £20 on each trade, but only took £10 on 6 of them. Great, you're up £60, but you actually risked £120. Now assume you're having a bad day and that 6 wins becomes a 6 streak Loss. Now you're down £120 but only had the op
  12. More info to add. I was Short on Sig. Plc. I couldn't close the position and had to call IG. I was told i could close the position if I wanted to, but i left it open. The Open Offer was still there but i said I didn't want to keep it. I was told if i left it, it would expire and nothign would happen. I eventually Closed my Short in profit on the 23rd June! I haven't traded Sig since then. The Open offer was sitting in my Positions as 0! Nothing. Now today I have in my History the Closed Offer position. PL showing as 0. but I have a Short Position open at 30p, and it's currently
  13. Hi, never enouncounted this, but someone is sure to tell me it's all my fault. I was trading SIG Plc a while back. Something appeared on my positions re an offer of 30p. It wasn't doing anything. I actually spoke to IG about it to say the offer was there if I wanted to take it. I said I didn't. Now I have an automatic bid on it. It's running without my knowledge. WTF! and it's negative.
  14. ...to add to that remark though, it's almost impossible to follow the Gap and Go strategy with a small account. Even so, most of the small cap stocks are unavailable with Spread Betting. That's it really. Not rocket science. The limitations with IG and Spread Betting don't allow for larger success ratios using this strategy. Using Trade Ideas to pick out moving stocks proves little reward as almost 80% of them arean't tradable.
  15. I'm just **** and inconsistent!
  16. Casey has no Idea what he's talking about. Gap and Go strategies are nothing different from any other trade. Just smaller Timeframe. Don't waste your breath trying to convince him. He doesn't even use the retail platform. If he trades at all it's Forex and Indicies on Mt4. Dschenk didn't stick to the Gap and Go principles. He often let his losers Run too far, but he consistently made profits. However, his strategy wasn't something that I thought could work in the long run. He would often risk 4-1, but his success was around 80%. What this often meant was he would make 8 go
  17. Hi, you need to consider the Spread also. If your Stop is within the Spread it might not be possible. For instance, if the Spread is 6pt (the difference between Buy and Sell price) then the order or Stop will Fill either side of your desired Stop depending on Long or Short position. I think. Edit: Are you Spread Betting or Buying Shares?
  18. Hi, thanks. I've a Short position which I placed on Friday @ 35.80 with a Stop Loss in place at 37p I've just managed to get thru to IG for the 1st time in 3 months, but I've been trying for 2 hours. I've been told my position is Safe and my Stop Loss is in place and it will activate should the position reverse.
  19. This still happens now. I've been complaining about it for over 12 months. I don't even get replies now! FCA need a call?
  20. You are not alone here. Did you get this sorted?
  21. Been on the phone all morning. Keep getting cut off.
  22. I've a Short Position with Sig Plc. The status has changed to 'Phone IG to Trade'. I can't get thru. Anyone tell me what has happened and what I can do about it? Keep calling? Thanks.
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