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  1. I blew my small account today because of this. I simply didn't know what was happening on screen.
  2. I don't even know if it's worth putting this in here. Trading Hertz. I had a Stop at £4 going short. Regardless of spread etc. the Stop line Moved down. It's not a trailing stop. Chart data not updating in realitime. Volume missing. I have it recorded. I give up.
  3. I can't answer, but waiting for some myself. I've been trading this last week. doubled my small account going Long, then Left a Short position open over the weekend. It's just spiked and wiped my account out almost completely. Now I can't short it. Typical.
  4. It has recently been pointed out that this forum is not actually a Technical Forum but a Community forum only. There is help available in here but they appear to be overun with questions, especialy Technical in nature. I'm afraid you are another frustrated customer at the end of a very very long queue.
  5. Hi, I believe even on the Demo you can suffer Slippage. This is where the position closes as close to the requested point when you click Close. If the market is volatile, going up and down in the background, then Slippage is the difference between you pressing Close and the actual Order being executed. I think.
  6. @CharlotteIG I have a small trade running with Hertz.....My Stop was at 6pts @ a mere 0.24ppp euating to -£1.44. The position is missing from the chart but the position is still open at -£5 almost.... This needs addressing asap. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Charlotte, I've still have no-one get back to me regarding my video emails I sent 2 months ago.
  8. It's OK Charlotte, I apologies also if I have been short on here. I know you're doing your best. When I joined this platform and forum back in April 2019, I was on Every Single Day, for Hours at a time while I learned. During this time i encountered several problems which still exist today. What appeared apparent is that what I was reporting back then, according to some people in the forum, was Isolated and at My End only. Is it possible i simply observed them more often? Is it possible i noticed problems well before the majority did? There are not that many people active in this
  9. Charlotte.........How can it be isolated? The OP literally states he can't adjust his Stop Loss. Others have claimed they can't Close Trades. Others have claimed as I have that the Trade is actually missing from the chart. Nothing about my experience is isolated. The only thins so far that I can see that may be isolated to myself is missing chart data as in Volume bars. This does not change the fact I have sent several email to Help desk in 12 months ahd had No Replies. Most recently I sent 2 videos of my screen showing chart, and time and my inability to move my Stop OR Close m
  10. I have sent emails including screen videos and had no response in 2 months. I have several issues relating to Trades hitting a Limit where I had no Limit. Stop loss can't be moved. Can't close trade for 20 mins or more. The list is too long. Currently trading Velocys Plc. Missing candle info and volume data. Different on each time frame. I see candles up till 15th May, then nothing till today. This is really a joke now and IG are not addressing their broken platform.
  11. Hi, that's correct. You must maintain minimum Margin and Account Balance or your positions will be automatically closed. This is called a Maintenance Margin. This is to protect your account. However, there is a Time Limit and trades will not be closed immediately. However, I'm not sure of the Time you have to add Funds to your account before the positions are closed on your behalf.
  12. Keep on topic people, we're not simply talking outages and system down. We're talking bugs too.
  13. Clearly not isolated incidents. I have experienced this several times over the past 12 months. I hope we can sort it out.
  14. Yes there is, but I don't know how to direct you to it, sorry.
  15. Thank you Charlotte. I know you have tried to help me recently, but it's fell on deaf ears, but this time however, I didn't follow thru because of doubt more than anything else that it would be resolved even if I did. It's bad enough losing thru bad trading, but platform issues as well?. I can't take anymore. As I don't always record my screen (the sheer amount of times I would need to do this is counter productive to me) then it's hard for me to prove anything is wrong. Suffice it to say I have estimated losses of around £400 over 12 months. These losses are either directly related t
  16. Creatures of habit and torture though. I find it is actually a better platform than others I've tried, however, the functionality is suspect. Either way, I'm a bit tired of the rhetoric in here and need a new story maybe.
  17. Literally pointed this issue out myself a few months back and it's happened several times since, including yesterday.
  18. We're not just talking about Major Outages Casey. The platform is Buggy at Best. Whether 1 person point it out of 1000. Whether no-one else has them, or 1 does. This thread belong to the OP. I'm certainly not here to hijack it like you suggest. Official message on my phone. Service Connection Failure. We are sorry, but this platform is currently unavailable. Phone and PC.
  19. Ironical. Platform Down. Service Connection Failure. you starting to see the pattern yet Casey?
  20. My problems ARE the same! Technical/Customer Support/Phone/e-mail. I've never had it sorted. Since then I've changed my hard drive, my operating system, and my Internet. Maybe my problems are more often as I'm literally on the platform every single day. (more fool me) Even now I've had to open a new window as IG won't refresh. Volume data, candles missing depending on Timeframe. I've always said it's possible somewhere the problem is mine, but I've sent emails and never had replies. I've been in chat and never had Tech reply as promised by email. As for hijacking the threa
  21. I've had issues fora few months now where i can't amend my Stop or Close a Trade. I too can't get thru on the phone and have no replies to my emails.
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