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  1. Hi, tried logging in just now and a very unfamiliar window popped up in plain Roman Numeral Text. Big Bold title..: Are your Detaisl up to day... No other information about why or why other than saying Legislation requires......... All my info, name address email is there, etc.... Very random very odd. Anyone else had this today?
  2. Half blown. Can't take another hit like today....Could be all over for me this week.
  3. Hi, I'm sure this is just another gap in my knowledge, but I have a trade running over the weekend that had a Stop in place...I've opened my chart today and tried to move the Stop and now it has disappeared and I can't place another on the chart....The market is closed as it's US. Can anyone explain to me the Stop behaviour after hours please? or point me to the relevant info? Retail Platform.
  4. Well done pal.....I think you've done a great job of working thru your strategy and come a very solid result. I personally have the opposite problem where I let my winners run Too Long, often coming back to Break Even...OR too tight a Stop. However, I have an average of 1:4 PL, but I'm 30/70 on my winning Trades.... I went Live 3 weeks ago with £500 and managed to stay in the game at above or below this level. I could have literally grown the account to double in the first week, but didn't take the profit. What I've figured is that because I'm trading with a small account, I'm not r
  5. No idea....I Day trade Scalping. I'm in and out in seconds or minutes....Don't have the time to check... It's basically a failed system that hasn't improved since I've been using it for 12 months..... As clearly pointed out by other forum users, I'm a fool to still be using it.!
  6. You assume what is happening is not by design.....on the surface your advice and reasoning is sound...... But underlying it all is the fallacy that it was working OK in the first place. The gains represent the absolute corruption of the world..... The only way the Indices figures could be true is if we were all wealthy and secure.......and clearly, we're not. the world is imbalanced by not only Capitalism, but the corruption of Capitalism in light of Fiat Currency and a non- Gold backed system.. Globalism cannot go on......It's quite simple on paper!.
  7. This^ The world Capitalist Globalist economy failed well before 2008....it's just took that long for it to effect.....that last 12 years is the delayed reaction. It needs to come to an end!
  8. I understand that pal. I too have have doubt while shorting for the same reason; like I'm adding to the problem and bringing it all down...But it's a house of cards anyway....maybe it needs a strong breeze to rebuild it..... the economy can't continue. 2008 happened and it's taken 12years for anyone to realise. Either way, you've done well to get your coin back. I've literally made a 20% loss on my account again. Old habits of not following Trends (as discussed here). Even now on the FTSe, i keep giving it back expecting it to bounce and return to Resistance.....Everytime it tak
  9. Can anyone tell me for the Love of God, when Trading Stops on the FTSE???? AND where to find such information int he future? Thanks
  10. Never mind, it was Suspended thru Volatility....would be nice to know that on the screen. Go Green Candle Go!
  11. Anyone get Phunware charts up? I have a Long position open....Now reporting Market Closed!!
  12. I was about to look for the number but seems I'll be wasting my time. I've had two charts change the Stop loss on me in two days.......Only for 5 mins to pass and realise the positions have closed at a loss, even though I've moved my Stop above my Buy in, or to Break Even.........
  13. I have my own post on this today. Couldn't amend Stop OR Close Trade. Info was actually missing from the chart.....refreshed the page and the trade was over......at a loss. It's not the first time it's happened in 12 months either. More fool me I guess, but i will be bringing it up with IG as I screen recorded it.
  14. As in title not only can I not move my Stop lower to limit risk, I also cannot Close Trade. I moved my Stop lower and let it go. It stayed there for about 3 seconds, then the screen refreshed and the Stop went back to where it was. Not only this, I then couldn't Close the Trade......I also need to constantly refresh the page to see Candles moved against me and Volume data that was missing. My Open Ticket position is now missing from the chart so who knows where it is!!! I've been stopped out without any knowledge on screen......as of 13.34pm
  15. I don't know what to do myself I can't amend my stop in a running trade. I move it, it stays there for a few seonds then goes back to where it was!!!!! Maybe I've missed something in the Academy lessons?
  16. Problem with Live Retail here too still. Manually refreshing every minute or two to see volume and candle movement.
  17. I at least agree with you here....Defaulted gain just now.
  18. 'Few Days' he says!!! from a guy who doesn't even use it unless it's to check it's still there. I've reported problems since I joined on the 10th March 2019! My 12 month anniversary was this week and not even a card from you......Many people have reported problems since it went live..... I've had answers such as 'it's your pc, your browser, your internet'.............OR 'no one else is reporting errors' etc. etc. etc. Funny though that my pc has been replaced, my internet is faster, my OS has changed, so has my HD. In fact it's all different, but i still need to refresh the charts to
  19. Hey, thanks for stopping by. I've got other stuff to achieve today than more Likes! Conversing with you is tiring and repetitive! I'm off to read something interesting by @TrendFollower
  20. Oh, wow, that far back! Nothing about this week then? I've barely been in the forums for 6 months but you're right! Same ol' same ol' especially from you. Let it lie pal, let it lie. I'm with @CharlotteIG on this one. Just be nice! You need to allow people to have opinions and ideas that are different to your own without getting all bent out of shape and insulting them for having a mind that questions. Have a great day
  21. How you interpret my words or imagine me naked is none of my concern. As for playing games.? Games are for bored children. There's enough of them in here already. However, you can also see this statement that I made re; my own input on the recent matter. ^^^ I also claim to represent both sides of a discussion as I have insight into human/business relations. Everything is a question to be answered. Especially when money is involved. It is the greatest corrupter. It's a community forum for discussion, insight and learning. Wind your neck in pal. Why do you feel the need
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