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  1. Hey my bad. What question did i ask this time and ignore? I'll go back and check.
  2. No, nothing like you that twittering ****! You lack inquiry! Eeeh I do miss your craic, and look forward to your one dimensional help in here. So polite you are. What a Gem of a personality. How many Likes you got this week then? you still fighting to be Top of the Forum Leader board??? Why are you so god **** angry all the time. Are you the Hulk? Are you single, divorced, in prison? Why do you feel the need to be so offensive all the time.? You need a hug?
  3. Hmmm. Beneficial, or Controlling??? I recently has a trade running on the Demo for Phunware Inc. got in right at the point of the Fakout, and thought Ide see what happens if i let if Fail to max account value of £1400....it went all the way down.. maybe it's a good thing it's being introduced....but 50% seems a little too restrictive.
  4. Something just occurred to me today Casey after reading your message and observing the markets. You clearly know I'm not a very successful Day Trader and don't claim otherwise, but on the contrary my dear boy, I know a lot about other things, but I digress. I pointed out to you last year (I know you'll check coz you always do) that I said the market was at a tipping point....You mentioned 20?? and how that's all everyone talked about and look, it didn't (though it did actually drop considerably-I don't know how to search thru all of my posts to find the info). Maybe you're too instituti
  5. Yes, Charlotte thank you. It seems I may have hjacked the thread........I'm very well aware (regardless of how) that all companies are here to make money........ In this forum we're simply talking about how often the retail Platform suffers at times of volatility.... However, I have experienced problems regardless of volatility......maybe the reason I recently did a Q&A with IG about how i find the platform, and any problems or improvements..... Thanks.
  6. Inovio Halted again....IG or the Market?
  7. It's the Question marks that are the reason for questioning Casey....
  8. Casey rears his ugly head yet again....you must have missed me in here pal I did say 'I' wasn't suggestion corruption, or certainly Conspiracy.........you still don't see me as Devils advocate do you! I play all sides. However, to your point.......If all went Short!!!!! as a lot did, and they couldn't Hedge coz the whole world went Short, then Yeah! Close the books....OR is it possible? Fabricate a Platform Problem? The problem with assuming, is that those with faith in the system, always assume they are right! Nice to catch up
  9. I stood to profit £3500 from Inovio Pharma drop!! £25 risk! Charts didn't work..........
  10. Thank you for taking the time to re-post this to me Charlotte. Maybe we're talking cross purposes? Regardless of where a business claims to make it's money, ultimately it's from the punters who pay in to the service. It's either from the Spread, Or Hedging, or re-investing, or whatever. The main point being that if (Hypothetically) 100% of Retail Traders Won Every Single Trade, who pays them? where does that money come from? Therefore there is a Risk Management strategy in play to ensure IG doesn't lose out. IG, like other retail businesses is a Profit making enterprise....If it was
  11. There are millionaires trading in here....When they make 100k, where does that money come from? Ironically, IG also has Risk Management. As they make money from the 76% of Retail Punters who lose, they must also pay out to the 24% that Win!
  12. What the hell is going on here? Market Closed, Market Open, Market Closed....Inovio??? Is it IG or the market itself?
  13. Ah this is an absolute Joke now IG.............charts still defaulting and only a brief word from Charlotte on the matter. Deary deary me... what a shambles!
  14. It's impossible to Trade today....No volume info....Lloyds Bank for instance keeps changing and chart disappears........ Enough people keeping telling me....ProRealTime is the way to go......... Let the learning Begin....again
  15. Wow....Short Selling actually Disabled now!!!! Inovio Pharma..... We're literally not allowed to make money here hahahah. More Fool Me I guess..
  16. as a day Trading looking for Volatility.........this simply isn't good enough......
  17. Then what can we do? I've been complaining about poor platform issues since April 2019!.... I'm a fool for still being here it seems. But we're creatures of habit......what to do, what to do? I recently took part in a Q&A with IG......apparently a lot of problems are being addressed very soon in an Update. Not sure I have the confidence to stick around and wait for it.
  18. I have No open positions showing in my Share Dealing account now!
  19. This **** is scary man....Playing with money here!!!! charts not working orders won't close ffs! Why the hell am i still here?
  20. This is a joke. My chart is literally jumping from 1 time frame to a different timeframe..... What the hell is going on here?
  21. Hi, my platform setting have all reset to default removing all indicators and changed the colour from dark to light. I've had trouble logging in most of last week too and clearly today is no exception. Can anyone give me an idea on why my platform settings have reset to default?
  22. I had it on last year but disabled it as i couldn't figure out how to trade while not showing a Balance! Seems trivial, but necessary.....any updates on how to see your balance?
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