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  1. Hi Thanks for your comments and feedback - it's always useful. I've checked this with our Tech Support team and it seems that MT4 is designed in this way by Metaquotes (the owner / developer of the MT4 platform). Unlike the IG platform which uses a dynamic margin system to constantly re calculate the margin required, MT4 simply takes a snapshot of the trade size and requirement without including any stop reduction. We are hoping that we may be able to work with the MT4 developers in order to have this implemented, but unfortunately I'm unable to give you any promises or guess
  2. Hi The shares are still officially owned by you. They are just held through us by our brokers in a nominated account in your name. You still retain ownership of the shares and we can also confirm your holdings via statements etc. What you mentioned sounds like being interested in various Shareholder perks, which we are also able to arrange for you. Feel free to give us a call and let us know which shares you own that you'd like us to arrange this for, or if you have any other questions. Regards, SimonC
  3. Hi Thanks for your comments and questions. i'm glad to hear that overall you're a fan of the service and platform. Hopefully I can address the points you raised regarding your ISA account: I can see the point regarding a settlement based on the end of day sell price. Of course, you want to see what your portfolio is worth if you were to sell. However, once the market closes, there is no longer a "two way" Buy / Sell price until the market re opens the next day. Before that point, there will be two auction periods: an end of day closing auction, and then a start of day opening auction
  4. Hi Sorry to hear you're having an issue with your ProRealTime settings. As this is an issue through the PRT portal, we'll need to liaise with IT Finance (the company who make PRT) to find out what the issue is. So that we can do this, please go to: Help > Technical Support - then follow the online prompts, including a brief description of the issue you're having. Once you hit "Send Reports" this will send the issue through to both PRT & IG's technical departments, and we'll get back to you once we know why this is happening. Apologies in the meantime for the inc
  5. Hi Positions and stops will work off the same price, be it on a position with a non-guaranteed or a guaranteed stop that is in place. When you say that the "CFD never actually traded at the closing price", please remember that with FX, there is no underlying exchange to be mirrored as there would be with something like a shares position. For FX pricing, we are taking the best bid / offer price quoted by a host of quoting banks, and then simply wrapping our spread around the market spread. In this way, there will be times where the market spread will fluctuate based on what is being quoted
  6. Hi An order to open that has not yet been filled will sit in your "Working Orders" box. If you still see it sitting in the working orders box, then this is an easy way to know that it hasn't yet been hit. Once the order has been traded it will then be visible in your "Open Positions" window. This is where you can track the price and your running profit / loss. It's also where you can click for more options such as closing the deal or editing any stops / limits. If you'd like us to take a look at your account and talk you through the workings in more detail, please feel free to giv
  7. Hi Thanks for your question. Yes, it is normal for margin to be used on working orders. This is due to the fact that if the order gets filled, you will need this cash available to cover the margin. If you have open positions and working orders, all using up margin, and end up into a margin call, then our standard procedure would be to delete the working orders first, in an attempt to release funds without needing to adjust any live positions. If we did not apply any margin to the working order, it would be possible to then use up all available funds in your account on open positio
  8. Hi Thanks for your question - a very good one relevant to recent movements. Balfour Beatty (BBY) is FTSE 250 listed as opposed to the FTSE 100 listings of Rolls Royce (RR) & Taylor Wimpey (TW). As a general rule, we do have lower margin rates for FTSE 100 companies than for FTSE 250, as these tend to be larger and more liquid than their FTSE 250 counterparts. Margin rates are decided on a number of factors though, including but not limited to current market volatility. Market Cap & liquidity have a big effect on the margin. RR has a market cap of £12.75 Billion, TW a m
  9. Hi Thanks for the feedback - I'm glad to hear you like the new platform! This is a good suggestion and one which I agree is certainly useful to have. We're currently working on the functionality to sort watchlists and tables, and this is something which you can expect to see introduced soon. I'm told with an ETA of the end of March. Hopefully this will be useful and please keep the feedback coming with anything else you might have. Regards, SimonC
  10. Hi Unfortunately, the OCO facility is still in the pipeline, with no definitive release date. Thanks for re raising this - it's something that we do get a lot of feedback on and believe me, a lot of us here would love to see it introduced. Our development team have worked through a list of requirements for the new platform and I believe this to be part of the second release phase. I've passed this feedback on to our development team and hope that we can give you some more accurate information soon. Thanks again! Simon.
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