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  1. Hi, I've been using the demo trader for quite some time now, I set aside money for the sole purpose of trading and would like to start soon, but I have a few questions before I actually do. What kind of fees are there for trading? Are fees dependent on the amount of shares that are bought or are they charged per transaction meaning a set fee after successfully purchasing shares and closing positions? Is there a specified amount for topping up an account or can it be any amount? Is there a specified amount that I would be allowed to withdraw or can I withdraw any funds that are available? Can I withdraw at any time or are there periods in which I will have to withdraw the money? What are the ways of withdrawing money? Can it go straight into my bank account or can it be transferred for example to PayPal? Are there any fees for withdrawing funds? I keep on hearing that trading on a demo account is completely different from trading on a live account, what are those differences that people usually mention? Also is there anything else that I should be aware of before I decide to invest? Thanks!