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  1. Hi,


    A suggestion that would make my life easier is to let us place stop orders at any price instead of automatically forcing a stop / limit order depending on current price against the order level.


    As an example:


    - Germany 30 is currently at 9000

    - I want to short it when it reaches a previous high of 9050 but only if the price comes back off that high

    - I'd like to put a sell stop order in at 9045 which is triggered once the price moves back down through the level (i.e. Has gone to 9050 and came back through 9045)


    At the moment I need to either put a limit order in, which can easily get triggered and then stopped before the price comes back. Or be around to quickly put a sell stop order in while the price is above my entry level, which only maybe for a minute or two.


    Is this possible to implement? I know a few other people who would love it as well!

  2. Unless I've completely missed it there doesn't seem to be a way to partially close a position with a limit order in the web platform. As far as I can see I need to manually open the position, edit the amount to close and then partial close (usually by this time the price has moved away from where I would place the limit!).


    Would be really useful to be able to edit the amount closed on a limit order and set multiple limit orders for a single position with a staggered close across them.

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