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  1. I am using live. That's where I am loosing money if I cant close the order in time. Tried calling IG hotline and was put on hold and it seems waiting for them is forever.. 😞 They need to resolve this fast else I am pulling out! I am loosing money and they are not!
  2. I am having more of such issues now. Opening trades are ok but closing them is a hit and miss thing. need to exectue multiple times before the trade finally closed and by then. Profit became loss!
  3. And I have problem getting them on the phone!
  4. Yes! IG MT4 is terrible. I keep clicking to close and by the time the order is close, my profit became loss! I don't find this issue with other brokers though.
  5. see attached. the Close order (Yellow) bar. When I click on it, it shows invalid price. I have to click several times before I can finally close the order.
  6. Hi, I have been having this problem of not able to close the order manually. Most times when I click on the Close bar (the Yellow bar), it always prompt me "Invalid price". I have to click on the Close bar several times before it finally execute the closure. But by the time I got the order closed, I have already lost several pips. I am also using other broker with MT4 platform but I do not face such issue. IG server having problem or what?
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