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  1. The one thing with the markets is although you can predict WHEN, you can't predict with consistent accuracy the PRICE LEVEL they will rise or fall to As is proven in the post above WELL before the time and INADVANCE I'll do a more complete and fuller review following the next TC date of 4th June 2021 Reaction to the 4th June Date? This TC (Please note TC's of the SAME colour are linked - Different coloured TC's are well as the name suggests - different TC and different degrees) in the past has been very hit and miss, it should cause a reaction but how much and to what degree I
  2. This is a grey area - I don't even think HMRC know to be honest! The way forward if you make good profits at spread betting is to shove the surplus profits into an ISA and/or SIPP and then trade shares/ETF's through those instruments as they are not liable to capital gains or income tax - they are virtually tax free and as such you have no obligation to report trading profits/losses to HMRC https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/business-income-manual/bim22020 https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/business-income-manual/bim22019
  3. Yeah some do - I could probably write a chapter of a book on it - I'm not here to write a book or explain everything thing about trading and Investing - I'll leave that up to the Individual to explore should they choose to Trading and pulling the trigger is mental - you try trading a method that does not suit your personality and it'll cause issues, hence why your trading style/method etc matters significantly I've already stated that I trade using precision, tight entries, tight stops - thats ME - others might be happy just buying the market at its current place, having a wide stop
  4. Feb trade stopped out - now -2R down Remember this is only an example to show you important messages about the markets - I'm NOT actually trading this method/strategy
  5. No probs - happy to help No-one knows when a trend ends before its clear, hence the need for trailing stops and the like All you need to be is RIGHT some of the time, not all of the time
  6. The R value statement stems from people just randomly buying and selling with no strict money management - people with no set methodology will have small wins, big wins and most likely big losses too - the R value focuses your mind on having a % and a £ value to it hence risk 2% of my account of £10k per trade = £200 or 2% easy peasy you can then set position size, stops etc on this - you would be surprised at how many people do not do this and wonder why they win £50's and then take a £500 loss The method you trade should determine where the stop is placed, some use a moving average othe
  7. You HAVE to remember our brains "might" work and see things different - I want precision, I want to be in a trade near to the high/low depending on trade or at worst within 1 bar of the high/low - your personality might not suit that style! My How To WIN thread pieces lots together- lots My recommended reading list would be in order as they enter my head: Dr Van Tharps books Mark Douglas "Trading in the Zone" John Caters "Master the Trade" Dave Landry "The Laymans guide to trading stocks" Robert Miners "High Probability Trade Strategies" Elliott
  8. LOL - that would be never as it would involve dealing with idiotic and stupid members of the public - we used to have one of them on this site Everything I have learnt is out there in printed form - It doesn't need to be re-written, repackaged and sold again
  9. Shouldn't happen - If I go to the supermarket and something is marked up for sale @ £X then the supermarket is obliged to sell it at that price, as that is the price they are clearly selling the item for IG's systems are their problem and the 3rd parties that provide the data - pricing errors like this are IG's responsibility - If they can't handle providing accurate prices then they shouldn't offer the market If it were me I'd look into the law around this to make sure IG aren't using your good faith to wriggle out of the commitment of honouring the trade! You opened the trade
  10. Yeah sorry - I've included a bit of advanced stuff in there too - mostly to make people THINK - I keep on adding to it as and when and I try to keep it as simple as possible, as I can remember the task at hand as a new would be trader - My personal journey was I became disillusioned by the **** out there, so I just read as much as I could to form my own opinion Bear in mind when reading the thread - I attack the markets from a scientific and as close to precision as possible, some of the posts show that, not saying you need to trade that way as it might not suit your personality and how y
  11. I don't look too much at comm's as I can't get the price data I require, apart from Gold One thing on Int rates - and its only an observation - the stock market has clearly followed a precise cycle for centuries - from observation and research its my belief that the stock market and by stock market I mean the USA markets (UK had been following suit) is repeating the 1929-1951 cycle, overlay that cycle from 2000 and it's all complied pretty nicely If Int rates follow that 1929-1951 cycle then very soon we should be seeing rising int rates - I'm only observing, I haven't bothered runni
  12. GOLD - same formations/methods - different time frames and slightly different market Chart 1 is WEEKLY spot price Notice the DOUBLE TOP 9 years apart! connected by the horizontal purple line Chart 2 is DAILY - GOLD ETF SGLN Happens all the time if people choose to look properly at charts
  13. Yes but the set-ups on monthly charts can take years to form I prefer WEEKLY and DAILY ATR - I just like to be a % of recent volatility covering a number of swings I posted THT How to WIN as a thread - def worth a read as lots of methods on there that actually work Thing to remember is - there is nothing new in the markets, they still work as they were working 200 years ago, albeit more people trading and Investing, but the SAME formations form now as they did back then - Indicators came in in the 1970's and are just mathematical formulas of past price action, sometimes th
  14. It all depends on the method - Depending on what it is it will work, but the market cycle and conditions may affect things For those 3 chart I posted above - the stop I would use is a % of ATR - that will change per market and per time-frame but the overall method of trading still works regardless, you just have to adjust the trade parameters I'm NOT saying that you can just trade a method and it will work - because it needs to be traded in the correct market conditions for it [the method] to work, but if it works, it works as long as its traded in the same market conditions I a
  15. As long as its a freely traded market yes - not sure what you mean by adapatations - but the basis for the method works on all freely traded markets and time-frames
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