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  1. Said right from the start if the NHS had 1 million ICU beds and ventilators then the govt would have gotten up to 999k people in hospital and in ICU and then rolled out the panic, lockdowns etc - At some point some one is going to work out the £ cost to under 70's and the economy and then work out if letting granny avoid contracting a flue like bug was worth it or not Some people will have had their lives wrecked at age 20/30/40 etc all because the NHS only had [originally] 13k ICU beds and ventilators
  2. Hello All We are closing in to one month to go until the final Time Cycle of the year Remember we have NO IDEA that it will work - it could be a mega volatility period or it just be a flat squib affair with an average correction Context we have to remember IS - In 2016 the overall market changed from down to UP - TC's act and behave differently in EACH of the 2 types of Time Cycle! As we can see the expected and published in advance TC date for Feb caused the USA market to stutter and stall 4th June is fast approaching.................Lets see if/what happens
  3. LOW came in on trading day 18/19 This is perfectly acceptable in trading - just because we have a 20 day low cycle in play does not mean it has to come in dead on trading day 20 - I like to see the low point on trading days 19-21, so we have a 1 day window either side of trading day 20 Also clarity over EXPECTATION - I'm expecting an assault on the most recent swing high of a few days back, to be able to make money from - BUT technically its ALREADY done the low expectation! Lows happened, its printed, the low is in - the swing high happening right now in price COULD be the swing hi
  4. Ok - following on from the last chart One thing you MUST remember is NO-ONE knows what a market is going to do exactly, we are GUESSING and using BEST GUESSES based on PROBABLISTIC outcomes CNX1 - The ETF of Nasdaq100 - did exactly as it said on the tin We had: The Triple Bottom The 2RSI tick up on the formation of the Triple Bottom Then the pullback Then we got a DOUBLE top formation, which for those inclined offered a shorting opportunity: Double Top BOTH the 7RSI and 2RSI showed on the close of the bar labelled (RED) 2 - negative divergence
  5. LOL - I think most traders have done that before I certainly have until I learnt not to guess
  6. Yep I hate to say it but its nice to see the retail crowd the opposite of my positions at times
  7. Trade what you SEE not what you think - markets can be irrational far longer than you can be solvent
  8. As fletch says - if you have a SIPP you "might" be able to place them in there rather than an ISA I made the decision 10 years ago to only trade ETF's in my ISA after experiencing similar problems back then with a different ISA/SIPP provider
  9. Pro-Real charts are likely to have this as a screener on pro real code site as they tend to have virtually everything that can possible be thought of indicator/screener wise If not then Nicholas is really helpful and will build (might charge) for you if not too complicated
  10. WD Gann said in 1909 that all the markets are all Mathematical points of force
  11. Missed this - you need to make sure you quote unless it gets lost in the room Governments have tried to manipulate FX markets and failed - there will be "cartel" trades between the banks, it will never be admitted as its Illegal, but I'm willing to bet it happens occasionally That being said - Markets aren't doing what you think they are doing, people think that after x years of experience you can say markets going to do this and hit that price level there and then reverse to x and then.......It just can't be done Trading is exceptionally hard - whatever you choose to trade - tr
  12. Yeah it's best to get in as close to the low as possible
  13. There'll be a stall in price or a pullback - its impossible for a market to continue posting higher low and higher high bar after bar - the laws of the market don't permit it It could be a Gann pullback, a sideways correction or a more severe pullback - but it will happen - 20 years of intimately studying the market attest to that I might be misreading your comment or you my post - I'm not saying that's it for the rally - I'm showing a technical analysis method that actually works as people will be trading TA that doesn't quite work and wondering what's going on
  14. Another one that works! Gann Triple bottom, up tick of the 2RSI on the signal bar from below the 25% Oversold level - gapped at the open the next day (can't be avoided) BUT the trade is up 6R Market is ETF = CNX1 which tracks the Nasdaq100 (I trade this through my SIPP and ISA accounts) PS - Markets CAN'T rally at that ANGLE for long! Pull back is approaching Some TA actually works - most doesn't though! Safe trading THT
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