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  1. I'll try to be concise: Dent was in 2010 calling for the mother of all stock market crashes - so were Elliott Wave International in fact EWI have been call for a massive collapse since 1986! Some of what he says is accurate - deflation for example - the reason QE has not caused inflation is because it was issued in a deflationary cycle The crash he talks about won't happen - I listened to dent and EWI back in 2010 and I choose to do my own research as other things i was investigating suggested the opposite to what they were both spouting Read my Time Cycles page, it explai
  2. Listen Trading is really really hard but the SIMPLEST systems probably work best - in this game being smart or ultra clever is a hindrance I've been EXACTLY where you're at right now - you need to remember ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING has already been thought of, tried and tested - absolutely everything There's one big positive here - at least you're thinking, most don't even do that Re the NEW MOON method - I made the rules up in about 5 seconds - so I have not nor will I back test to see if more optimum stop money management placement would be better - I think over the past 10 years
  3. January 2021 THT NEW MOON example DATE TRADE DIRECTION ENTRY STOP RISK TARGET OUTCOME **** R value July 20th 2020 LONG
  4. Refer to my THT NEW MOON thread which is very very similar - I'm updating that thread next few mins too! All depends if using stops and targets? But YES it would work to some degree
  5. Some of the above is ultra advanced stuff and I bet 99% of people out there aren't aware of it and more to the fact how it's derived - Do not let that stop you, you don't need to know the advanced stuff to trade profitably and consistently I don't 100% understand markets - I can't tell you what price level a market will stop at - I've yet to meet anyone that can say markets going to hit this exact level then reverse x points and then........ It cannot be done exactly and due to that issue trading and Investment becomes best guess and probabilities take control of things In trading if
  6. There's a huge amount written about Fibonacci - The guys at Elliott Wave love it, but misuse it as do most EW'ers - there is no doubt that trading patterns, pullbacks and extensions do conform to fib ratios often (not all the time though!) such as some Elliott Waves, Gartley and Harmonic Patterns Back in the 1920/30's WD Gann wrote about the 50% level being the gravity centre - Please note that the 50% retracement level is NOT a Fib level - Here it is in recent action Expand your thinking - If you are trying to work out the markets and what you know so far is not working, then someth
  7. The big boys promote stuff to the public and are most likely the professionals providing the supply so be careful of that fact - Even old Warren Buffett bigged up Silver years ago whilst he was dumping his holding! I'm not a fundamental Investor - Here's my thoughts from a slightly differing angle that may help you: EVERY market works out to cycles, I can't work out Golds cycles because it was only freely traded since 1970's and I need decades of price data to accurately pick out the dominant cycles, BUT...... I do have the stock market and UK Bank of England Base Rate price dat
  8. The answer lies as Quackers has pointed out at the PRC site - if its not there Nicholas can build it for you PRC is a sub of PRT and is where all the coding for the built in indicators comes from, PRC also has indicators not on PRT that can be downloaded and imported to PRT for free - it might be there, you'll have to look
  9. Thats what I meant - what you are looking for is available on PRT - trade often enough and its free on IG or £30 mth All you need to do is have the required scan and then you can search whatever timeframe you desire I wasn't referring to usng my scan software, I was just stating that since I only use the scans on the software i use I have not looked at the free stuff for over 10 years, so can't say about whats out there, hence why I referred to PRT as its available on IG for free and I know it with do a simple xover MA scan
  10. Happy New Year and all the best for 2021 I don't do short-term forecasts as the methods I use will work just fine regardless of what direction the market actually go in I do do long term forecasts though! The general market officially turned Inflationary end of 2016 (according to how I view things) for its 16-19 yr cycle, that will drag virtually every asset class upwards with it Funny enough I've never ever traded oil/gas I'll have to dig out the prediction I made about the dow/sp500 5 or so years back - but very simply the 16-19 yr cycle during its UP phase (which c
  11. If you use PRT on IG then you can build your own screeners I use the scans on my chosen software so haven't looked at free stuff out there, but it won't be much cop imo
  12. If you go to the PRT website and pro real code you can contact Nicholas who does all the coding - if its available he'll be able to help you for certain
  13. Hello All, Let me take you on a journey of the markets - people say the markets are random (they're NOT), crashes come out of the blue (they DON'T) and it is totally impossible to PREDICT the markets (It IS'NT) We're told buy and hold is best - It is for the fund management industry and to be fair for 95% of traders it probably is correct, but not for all of us Have you ever wondered WHY a market suddenly crashes, rallies or does something unexpected? - I did Now here's my CAVEAT to what I'm about to show you - "It IS possible within a zone to predict the markets in terms o
  14. December New Moon Trade: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year DATE TRADE DIRECTION ENTRY STOP RISK TARGET OUTCOME **** R value July 20th 2020
  15. Most markets are dominated by very very big players, I've watched the markets for over 20 years and not even governments can manipulate markets (They've openly tried to save their currencies!) If the very very big players in the markets wanted to shift market direction for a short time of course they could - they could join forces and form a cartel to do so, they did this with Libor I think One good thing would be to study the Commitment of Traders reports and Indicators - It show's the commercials vs people like you and I and the positions they hold in history at the turns (the pro
  16. Stopped out - await the new new moon date Closing in on Breakeven - this is what trading is about, we don't know the sequence of wins or losses DATE TRADE DIRECTION ENTRY STOP RISK TARGET OUTCOME **** R value
  17. or set-up a scan to do all the hard work for you Nothing is new in the world of trading, its only what you don't know - everything has been looked at, tested and is out there The link below has tested a lot of candlestick patterns + much much more - I've not looked at it in detail for 10 years now so can't comment on its viability: http://thepatternsite.com/
  18. It all depends on how you trade - If you trade candlestick patterns then you need candle sticks shown, if you trade other formations then you need whatever displays those formations best
  19. Yep I could, I prefer bar chart though - although saying that at certain times pin bars are handy to see when they form at some levels
  20. You get more "noise" intra-day, that doesn't mean you can't be successful - I personally don't trade anything other than daily charts, predominately because I'm a lazy trader and don't want to be tied to a screen all day, I'm happy to pay fee's - but my holds are for days not months, if I were holding for weeks/months I'd probably trade an ETF in an ISA/SIPP The whole industry is geared up to relieve novice traders of their capital Most people can't use and don't use Indicators right in the first place - if a method works and that includes Indicators then they will work on any time
  21. There's more noise on Intra-day timeframes but they all do the same thing at the end of the day only more frequently There's no perfect setting for stops - its what suits you through trial and error, testing etc I work off Daily charts
  22. This is subjective as it solely depends on your trading method and reason for the trade When a swing low happens, it provides a line in the sand - if the market is trending UP then the prior swing high HAS to be closed above - its the LAW of the market (see chart below for proof) Now you can SEE that once that happened the market retraces to create a new swing low point - there's no law regarding how much it will retrace, its just a given that it will retrace some degree - YOU need to work out what you're OK with If you look at the chart - the LAST up swing from 11th Aug 2020, y
  23. You have to take what the market gives you, as that is impossible to know in advance you have to have a target and / or risk management strategy for trailing a stop - that's up to you to decide and fathom out what suits you Using a larger position and then dumping part of it at specific target points is perfectly fine and it can turn a losing position into a winning one to a certain extent Take the chart below - This is a PERFECT swing trade run and I can confirm that I'm on moves like this all the time in my other accounts At the green line you would NOT have known that a tren
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