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  1. Hi James, I'm pretty new to IG - when you note they will appear as cash - will dividends specifically reference the stock they have come from - I assume they would to facilitate ease of tracking? I was hoping to set up a DRIP but believe this may not be possible in IG share dealing accounts or ISAs - is this correct? Thanks
  2. Hello IG Community, Can anyone advise - is it possible to set up automatic divided reinvestment on normal share dealing accounts and stocks and shares ISAs on IG and if so how would I do this? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks JamesIG. Sorry for the slow reply. I do have the W8BEN completed. I was looking at Jumia (not strictly a US stock I know) - if you could help explain why I could not buy this that would be great.
  4. Hi IG Community, I was trying to buy a certain US stock in my ISA account but got the message that I could not because of the associated tax wrapper. Can you buy certain US or any other foreign stocks with an IG stocks and shares ISA account and if so how does one identify the restriction? If not are there other UK stocks and shares ISAs that do allow this? Thanks
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