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  1. Thanks Anton for your feedback. 1. The dark option is an improvement - a great solution would be to have an option to customise the background colour. The perfect solution would be have the option to customise all of the platform colours. 2. Thanks 3. Agree, the flashes are a lot clearer, but if you are looking at a different part of your workspace, they are still not perfect. A block flash would overcome this. 4. The drop-down menus of alphabetical equities is a terrific feature of the classic platform and is particulary useful if you do not know the EPIC code or the spelling of the instrument you are looking for, so, yes, please pass this request on to the developers. 5&6 Thanks sumash
  2. Hadn't seen all these other threads when I posted in the general comment thread! Excellent addition having the 'open in new window' feature. For me it would be ideal to have the option to just open a deal ticket in a new window. Is it possible to change it to two options - 'Open chart in new window' and 'Open ticket in new window'? Thanks
  3. Thanks Anton - a great improvement. How easy would it be to make the colours customizable? I'm thinking all colours, but in particular the background and chart candles.
  4. IMO the things that need addressing are: 1. The modern trend of using light grey font is getting boring! It renders parts of the platform almost unreadable. Also, most trading platforms now have the dark background option available. Take a look at LCG dark option to see how it should be done. 2. Changes to chart time range along the x axis are not saved when logging out. 3. The flashing up/down arrows on the sell/buy values are not clear enough. They should be block flashes as in the old platform. 4. Scrolling through the equity lists is cumbersome and slow in the extreme. The equities should be listed by drop-down initial letter menus again, as in the old system. 5. Doing away with tear-off deal tickets etc is a massive step backwards. Please re-introduce them as soon as possible. 6. Open positions need a net profit as well as a gross profit column available. Here's hoping you implement these and other changes mentioned on this forum in the no too distant future! Thanks.