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  1. I can see this in my account now, thank you
  2. I haven't either. Spoke to IG helpdesk yesterday and they are still waiting for the dividends to be added to their accounts. Said they should have either the money or an update in 10-15 working days, which would be end of this week.
  3. Just wondering if anybody received the dividends payments from Burford Capital. Believe the payment date was last Friday (18/06) but I still haven't had any paid into my ISA account. Thanks, Jeeve
  4. I've got a stocks and shares ISA and have filled out the W8-BEN form. I have bought a couple of US stocks, AZN and BYND, however when I try to place an order on NIO, I get a message along the line of the shares not being allowed in the tax wrapper. Has anyone come across this before? Thanks, Jeeve
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