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  1. I've not seen such an option. Transfering shares wouldn't be possible between at lot of the account types. If you clarify the scenario, someone might be able to advise.
  2. I contacted IG support about this, and the answer was I have to contact James Hay. There were able to confirm that, "You can sell the shares in your IG SIPP and move the proceeds to your Smart Portfolio." Unfortunately James Hay don't have new fangled things such as an email address. As I don't have an account at James Hay, I'm left with contacting them on the phone. I thought I'd take another look at this today, and the jameshay.co.uk Website is down. Net result is I have zero confidence an IG SIPP would be a relaible or convientent service. I appreciate there appears to be little interest in this, but hopefully this helps anyone else looking at their SIPP. This has cemented my decision to transfer my ISA away from IG Index too.
  3. I'd like easier secure login too. If IG wants people to trade more, they need to take some of the friction out using their app. Take a look at Freetrade, for exampe.
  4. It looks the same for me too. The app updated yesterday evening and that coincided with the change. Perhaps a new version slipped out, hopefully it's been tested...
  5. Nobody able to help? In the absence of any advice, anyone got recommendations for alternative SIPP providers?
  6. Hi, I'm thinking of transferring a portion of my Defined Contribution pension to an IG SIPP. I have a couple questions. Is there a way to see the range of shares, ETFs, etc. that are available to buy with IG Index's Share dealing SIPP? I don't want to find out it's really limited after the fact. There doesn't appear to be a SIPP demo account. Are IG's "Share dealing SIPP" and "IG Smart Portfolio SIPP" separate products, or if I open the former, I can I also invest some money in a Smart Portfolio? Thanks.
  7. No, transferring shares from a standard account into an ISA isn't allowed under current gov. rules. You have to sell and then re-buy in ISA. The exceptions to this rule are if you have shares in a: Save As You Earn (SAYE) scheme Share Incentive Plan (SIP) https://www.gov.uk/tax-employee-share-schemes/transferring-your-shares-to-an-isa
  8. I'm surprised no one here is able to answer this. A bump in hope...
  9. For anyone long or short on Bitcoin Cash with IG Index, it's worth refreshing yourself on how they may deal with the upcoming fork. See the section towards the bottom of this page: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-cryptocurrencies-cfd-product-details
  10. Some good advice here, you "earn what you learn". If you are planning to start trading with something as volatile as cryptocurrencies, it's going to be difficult with some hard lessons. Setup a practice account, and trade using just the amount of money you will have in reality. Don't use the full balance they offer on practice accounts if it's unrealistic for you. For example, if you practice with 100k, lose 10% and then recover from there, you might think you have it cracked. But if in reality you only have 10k to invest, then your account would have been wiped out and you've never have been able to recover. If you're planning to Spreadbet, make sure you understand the basics around bet size and stop losses.
  11. So is the explanation that IG, eToro and Plus 500 use a different set of exchanges to determine the price? I've not noticed such a wide divergence before. (Helps me to understand the SEC's reluctance to allow ETFs when even respected players have such a variance on price.)
  12. That was certainly short-lived. Which market(s) does IG use to set the price for BitCoin? The move here all the way up to 7340.80 was much higher than at say eToro which only got up to 6751.
  13. Wow, you've had some ride on Twitter, well done. The recent reporting over the suspension of ~70 million accounts seems to have been taken negatively by the market. I'd say from a user point of view this is very positive. Take a look at any tweet by Elon Musk and you'll find bots hard at work promoting scams in the replies. Importantly from an investor viewpoint, "most of the removed accounts weren't monthly active ones, since they had been inactive "for 30 days or more.", and so weren't counted in the important DAU or MAU metrics. I guess a key question is, how many is "most"? Did this news affect your view or outlook of Twitter @rimmy2000 ?
  14. It occurred to me that while I understand the definition of deferred revenue. That is, "payments received in advance for services which have not yet been performed or goods which have not yet been delivered". And that I understand it's recorded as a liability on balance sheets. I'm not clear how I need to consider this when looking at the assets of a company. So if for example, Made-up Inc has: Cash and cash equivalents: £200 Deferred revenue: £100 Does this company have £200, of which half is deferred revenue, or £200, plus £100 in deferred revenue, making a total of £300? Thanks.
  15. Thanks @JamesIG Turn out I was quite off in my thinking then, in that "slippage factor" has little to do with "slippage" that might occur in relation to opening or closing a trade. To answer my other question, a bit more searching reveals that some commodities like Oil and Natural Gas, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin/USD, FX like GPB/USD, and (perhaps interestingly) all the bonds I looked at except UK Long Gilt have Slippage Factors of less than 100%.
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