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  1. When you open a new chart, the system remembers the display changes you made on the previous chart you used. This I find incredibly annoying and inappropriate for the way I work. I would like to be able to switch off this functionality whereby the system makes guesses of what you want now, based on what you did previously. I would like to be able to have a 'new chart' template, or 'initial default chart' template, that gets created by default every time, and which I can define and update as I so wish.
  2. I am constantly getting what I call 'zombie' alerts - these are Price Level alerts on a market, that keep on triggering long after the first (and only) time they are meant to, long after being de-activated by the system (greyed out), and even after being deleted. And they keep going at random intervals, for the rest of that day that they were set. I can even log out of IG, then go back into the Spreads system, and it will trigger immediately for that alert. Note, I am NOT talking about Indicator Alerts that are set to occur more than once, I am talking about one-time-only Price Level alerts. T
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