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  1. I am not entirely sure which section is best to post this in but assume it comes under feedback of a sort... I have been kicked out due (IG say) to having requested too much support… I have requested too much support and am not making them enough money so my accounts have been set to ‘closing only’ and I’ve basically been told to pack my stuff and leave with only hours notice after years of being with them The story behind why this has happened… Last week I experienced an issue with a live PRT strategy running on the USDJPY 5s TF where an order was opened then immediately closed (obviously at a loss) and another order opened all within 1-2 seconds of each other so I sent in a technical report I received a near immediate response from IG asking for me to confirm the trades I was referring too which I did and was told they would send it onto PRT for further investigation Two days ago I received an email from IG support containing a forwarded email from ITF the likes of which I have not seen before going into great detail with step by step logs and explanations of how each order had been placed with comments such as ‘This is not restricted to the 1s TF’ (the strategy was running on the 5s TF so they go that wrong) ‘I believe on this occasion the situation could have been prevented by IG’ – ‘This issue can happen on any timeframe’ It has since become apparent this was an internal email and sent to me by mistake I can only assume they do not want clients to know the reasons behind what is going on so will refrain from saying anything further but would encourage whoever is interested and ‘brave enough’ to find out to ask and insist on answers – I don’t really understand why they are hiding it I carried on reading down through the email and read this; Now from what i understood, this client is not a high value client for IG and maybe it would be just a matter of disabling ProOrder for this client? I believe it is up to you guys. Hardly able to believe my eyes at this comment after being so happy at reading the rest of the email explaining in great detail how the issue was basically a known issue and it was not through any fault of my own that it had happened – why would they be saying something like that?! Yesterday morning I received a call back to my unsuccessful call the evening before and we discussed at great length the contents of the email but the conversation kept coming back to the problem being it was me requesting too much support and not bringing in enough money to warrant such a level of support whilst consistently avoiding the point I was trying to focus on which was surely the more important fact is that it is a known (to IG/ITF not their clients) issue and was now clearly evident the very reason why I had been requesting ‘so much’ support! The conversation ended with me being told the issues have been known about internally and ongoing for a very long time and were unlikely to be fixed for a very long time either so it was up to me if I wanted to carry on using the services as they were or to leave… Half an hour later I received the following email and ongoing conversation That is absolutely shocking! I simply cannot understand why you are doing this or why it is necessary what on earth is going on? I do not want either of the given options is there anyone else at IG I can speak to about this please? This is crazy why on earth are you kicking me out?! If you just said there are known issues and I will have to deal with them then ok – you had said I can make my mind up what I want to do but now you are literally forcing me out without being able to speak to anyone else about this What of my currently running strategies and open positions? I am utterly dumbfounded you are doing this it seems extremely heavy handed and totally unfair I am stunned absolutely stunned Do you have records of the amount of time I have taken re: issues? How can you be blaming me for requesting support when it is evident due to the incorrectly sent email that it is your systems at fault? And how is it possible that you are in a position to be making this decision please? There must be other members of staff that are involved and I am requesting to be speak with them directly please Multiple people and teams?! Good grief almighty what on earth is this all about?! Seriously over the top and why the threats and rush to kick me out is that really all necessary? Yes OK I will close up my positions and transfer out funds and close my accounts but will need a couple of hours please am not able to do so right at this moment I have to say I am extremely upset at being treated like this and very sad at being forcibly made to leave IG I am very happy with the IG platform and have praised it on a number of occasions and never had any complaints about it Not in a million years would I have dreamt such shocking behaviour when I chose IG as my broker I could understand if I had done something wrong but as you have clearly stated this decision has been made because the amount of support I have received (which I very much dispute is excessive) re: only PRT does not match the money IG makes from me so I am being forcibly kicked out with only a few hours notice to close all my positions pack my bags and leave And to think I hold shares in IG too that as no doubt you are aware have taken a considerable nose dive due to recent events at IG only adds insult to injury Despite this quite unbelievably shockingly poor behaviour I wish you all the very best and thank you for your support over the years Thanks yes I have been referred there a number of times Does this kind of thing happen often at IG then…? Clients getting kicked out like this I mean Yes I am upset very upset more so than you will possibly ever imagine I have poured my life into PRT and IG over the last few years and now that is all being taken away from me in the blink of an eye and I am still too stunned for it to sink in properly and realise what it is I have actually done that is so wrong to have warranted such a thoroughly vicious and irrational response I just cannot believe IG consider this to be acceptable or even civil behaviour Anyway the fight must go on and perhaps one fine day I’ll be sitting on my fortune gained via another broker of course looking back and laughing at all this and quite possibly the demise of IG if this is how they intend to treat their clients – plenty of good shorting opportunities out there at the mo eh! All the best Well there it is… I will leave you to make up your own minds as to what is really going on here but to say I am shocked at the way I have been treated is an understatement and despite being sad, angry and disappointed I guess it is with a very heavy heart I say ‘so long and thanks for all the issues…’ and best of luck to all the 95%’ers out there trying to make a buck – you’d have thought the odds were already stacked up against us high enough as it was…
  2. Same situation/just done it myself - go to IG.com.au and click on create account - select country of residence UK and follow on through - took 5 minutes I used same email address and created different ID than UK IG - hope you manage to get your problem sorted with that issue Very quick and easy am already setup and account funded (and UK account ‘de’funded) ready to go hopefully all goes well
  3. Same here happening since yesterday both live and demo PRT constantly trying to connect....