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  1. I am not entirely sure which section is best to post this in but assume it comes under feedback of a sort... I have been kicked out due (IG say) to having requested too much support… I have requested too much support and am not making them enough money so my accounts have been set to ‘closing only’ and I’ve basically been told to pack my stuff and leave with only hours notice after years of being with them The story behind why this has happened… Last week I experienced an issue with a live PRT strategy running on the USDJPY 5s TF where an order was opened then immediately closed
  2. Same situation/just done it myself - go to IG.com.au and click on create account - select country of residence UK and follow on through - took 5 minutes I used same email address and created different ID than UK IG - hope you manage to get your problem sorted with that issue Very quick and easy am already setup and account funded (and UK account ‘de’funded) ready to go hopefully all goes well
  3. Same here happening since yesterday both live and demo PRT constantly trying to connect....
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