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  1. Ok great, thanks very much for the tip 👍
  2. Just re-tried and it worked on both stop and limit! So you can't move the stops if there is 'news' coming out?
  3. Thanks. I just tried moving the stop to 2970 as a test but still the same thing happens. It looks like it sets but then as soon as I go to click back to the charts it goes back to the original stop loss of 2973.35. Same thing with trying to add the limit order (2920). It looks like it sets but then it gets lost when I click out of the positions window.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to move my stop loss to in the money from 2973.35 to 2950. The current price is 2946. However once I've changed the stop loss and click anywhere to return to the charts etc, the stop loss reverts back to my original 2973.35. The same thing happens when I try and add a limit target. I presume it should be possible to move stops and limits on open positions? Thanks
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