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  1. It is actually Windows 7, yes - it's old I know. Yes, I will give them a call. Thanks for your help guys
  2. Hi folks, Anyone had problems launching Pro Real Time? I have installed the program but cannot launch it. Tried every which way - disabling my anti-virus firewall and the Windows built in firewall but no luck. My laptop is 10 years old now... but still has 50 gig of storage remaining (out of around 150), and 2 gig RAM. Has anyone else encountered any problems with this? Cheers, Rob
  3. Hi everyone, Back again with another question I'm afraid lol. I was hoping to trade UBER this morning, it is 'All Sessions' but it seems I can only trade it within US Market open hours. I was under the impression I could trade pre market if the stock was an 'All Session'? Any advice would be great, thanks, Rob
  4. Hi Alex, Thanks for that, glad it's on there. I *believe* the first month is free anyway but I might look into that. Thanks again, Rob
  5. Hi again Well I only really use the Spread Betting platform because of the leverage and also no commission, no taxes etc. I used to use the CFD platform until I discovered Spread Betting. The share dealing platform is 2 cents per share OR minimum $15, whichever is more so penny stocks commission could mount up. I thought Pro had Level 2 no? I was going to get it on the 1st July. I hope it has VWAP too? I mostly just watch videos by either 'Boiler Room' or 'Investor's Underground'. Boiler room is very good and he just tells you everything you need to know. Investors underground are also good but they only go so far and the rest they put on their 2 DVDs which cost about $1000! So I have not bought them. I follow them on Twitter etc and always trade their free Sunday scans. They have their own chatroom where they give out free scans each day; you can learn from their experienced traders... lots of other benefits. That costs around £200 per month. I am *thinking*about doing that... I am dubious about these courses though. 3 grand is a lot but if you have done your research then maybe
  6. I also wanted to trade UONE but couldn't. I guess it must be for the reason above by Casey that it is below the 250m threshold. That was over a year ago that was written though but I can't find any info as to whether or not it is still the case. And is that in $ or £? Also it seems we can only trade 'All Sessions' US stocks pre-market and AMC as opposed to others that are open pre-market and AMC etc. I guess you're trying out day trading right? I am starting to wonder if IG is the right option for day trading
  7. Thanks a lot - I see it now. Still can't find the 'Hours' tab though... I see it on Apple but just some don't have it. Inovio (INO) for example doesn't. I can find it out elsewhere obviously but it's just nice to have info like this at my fingertips I find. Thanks again
  8. Hi everyone, I would sometimes like to trade non- 'All Session' stocks pre-market (the smaller cap US stocks that are not 'All Sessions' but are still open pre-market and after market close) but this does not seem possible online with IG, can anyone confirm this please? If not, can I trade over the phone? Thanks, kind regards, Rob
  9. Hi everyone, I intend to upgrade to IG Pro soon mostly because I want VWAP. I assume it has this but can anybody confirm please? Also, is the screener any good? I mean is it any diiferent from the basic one on the IG website? Does it have a filter for 'Technicals'? Thanks, kind regards, Rob
  10. Hi everyone, Is the minimum Market Cap for a US stock 250 million? I seem to remember reading this ages ago somewhere. If so, is that $ or £? And is there any way around this? I.e. making a phone order, upgrading to Pro etc? Cheers, kind regards, Rob
  11. Hello everyone, Unlike the App version, the IG desktop version does not seem to have a 'Market Data' section, so nowhere to find out the Fundamentals, Events etc. Is this hidden somewhere would anyone happen to know? Also, I see that some companies have an 'Hours' box which displays the trading times for that stock but some don't. Can anyone shed any light on this please? Thanks, Rob
  12. Hi, thanks for the info. Yes it is an old school layout isn't it. Really looking for news alerts to be sent to my device as opposed to me having to check for news updates every 5 minutes
  13. Hi all, Could anyone advise me on a good news alert website/ app i.e. one that promptly sends breaking financial news straight to my device please? I don't mind paying for it but a free one would also be nice. I don't think IG do this right? I currently use MSN Money, and although they publish the news fast, they don't send alerts out. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  14. Hi there, Just a quick question - does the profit and loss (P&L) figure at the bottom of the screen include buy and sell fees please? Thanks, Robert
  15. Ok thanks very much guys. Have a good weekend