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  1. In my opinion the fundamentals do seem to explain the recent price action, and point to lower prices. However I would personally be wary - lower prices increase the likelihood of the US stepping in with a tariff on Brazilian imports to protect domestic producers.
  2. CODY

    Soyabean Oil

    What effect do you think that would have? I see the US is a net importer of Soybean oil
  3. CODY

    Soyabean Oil

    Soyabean Oil might be worth investigating, seems to be breaking through an old resistance level. In the longer term I am expecting the price to recover but right now the trend seems to be downwards.
  4. This is interesting. My interpretation of the COT data would suggest a continuation of this downward trend, as would a few technical indicators. I'm not too sure about the markets seasonal patterns or fundamentals, but after 5 minutes on Google found the following from a February US Department of Agriculture Citrus markets report; Global orange production for 2018/19 is forecast to expand 4.2 million metric tons (tons) from the previous year to 51.8 million as favorable weather leads to larger crops in Brazil and the United States.