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  1. it seems there was a 1500 point stop loss, but im guessing it was hoping for a price reversal before that took effect. what that big jump down did do was achieve the take profit on the 4 old positions that were sitting at almost $4k loss on paper, but were triggered with good results in the end. the trade that lost me the 2100 was a manual placed order i put on, which then i panicked and sold instead of keeping, even knowing the charts were suggesting hold and wait longer term for the price to go up. but thats the game.
  2. Th That open drop last monday cost me $2100, if only i had the nerve to hold it for a couple of days, would have made a approx $1500 profit, but thats the game we play.
  3. @nit2wynit, i like your thoughts about not losing, but gained an education, pretty positive take on the situation, good to hear
  4. @nit2wynit , i wouldnt keep changing the amount you use just because you had a win. hell while your still learning and playing on the live market, i would only be using $1 a point, so that u can get a better feel for it and not risk too much, yes if you get it right and it moves 10 points its only $10, but if it loses it could be $100 instead of $10. it prolongs your stay in the live market by letting you risk smaller amounts, ultimately,small regular gains will far outway massive 1 hit wonders mixed with big loses.
  5. so simply then - Down on open
  6. Hey @Caseynotes, after the Weekends USA and Chinas trade talks, whats your feeling on Movement monday morning, Up or Down?
  7. @dmedin, lol. if you want dumb, take a look at the asian markets- Hang Seng and Niki, it jumps up and down so bad in big numbers, that 1 is easy to lose cash on.
  8. @nit2wynit heres the FTSE graph for today, should be more than enough waves to ride and scalp the market mate, some nice big ups and downs. The Macd has a normal set of numbers 12, 26, 9, but i use 6, 13, 8 as it makes the cross over happen approx 4 mins earlier letting me on, before it moves too far away. just my preference.
  9. @nit2wynit, MACd is 1 of the easiest indicators to use i found, but i think you need to play around with all the indicators in the demo to see how they work, and find 2-3 good ones that work for u, or you feel real comfortable using/reading. You can google search an explanation of them all, when i first started i played with a lot of them, i then tried a few together to see which ones worked better with each other, that gave me a clear picture in an instance glance Finding the right indicators as suggested by somebody else is the key to making it work for you, rather than making you work
  10. From my experience with the RSI indicator, once it gets back down to that 30's mark, it tends to then swing back up. The high volume sell off in that last volume stick and the price drop in the candle could indicate a move to a short position, personally i use the Parabolic SAR with the Macd as my indicators, havent done too much with the Fib charts. The problem i see with drawing your own lines on the chart is that you can make them any where you want to fit your narrative, which can screw your chart to suit your mind, not your trading plan, so i would be very careful with that.
  11. yes i believe @greenscorpio1000 is refering to the dividend adjustments. If you are looking at say the AUS200 index, and 1 or more of those listed companies in the index post a dividend, then that shares tends to drop on the day of paying the dividend (not always but often), and so IG make an adjustment because if u had a sell position and the index drops u make extra profit from it so to make it even theres an adjustment as those that had a buy position just lost more due to the dividend drop in the price.
  12. What was your JD Sports idea? i must have missed that sorry
  13. @nit2wynit, the market is closed now, so you cant do anything till it reopens monday morning, but watch out for opening crazy ups and downs before it settles in for the day.
  14. @dmedin, Change it!!! because theres a fault that you havent realised yet. Find yourself a trading partner, some one u trust, that you can bounce ideas off and discuss plans strategy, get them to read and go over your plan, maybe you missed something, a 2nd pair of eyes and a fresh brain might pick it up. I would have hoped that this sort of forum could be that trading partner, but maybe its too open, depends like myself sharing my Auto Trade Program im putting it out there for the experiment, but for some who are more sheltered 1 on 1 or a small group may be better. best of l
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