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  1. @Caseynotes, yes i can change the size of the trades, the system is ran on a VPS so it can trade 24/7, in case i have power outage or internet down. @Foxy, yes it runs with MT4/5. I am using MT4 via IG @TheGuru12, i paid purely to remove the emotion from my trading. I have a day job which i enjoy, and this auto system works at night while i sleep, i woke up this morning to find an extra $170 in my trading account, who wouldnt like that? to create a passive income was my goal. Im sure they do use it themselves but saw it as a sellable item. Heres what it traded from lunch time wednesday to 7am thursday morning
  2. @Foxy No you cant just trade anything, its licenced, i believe there are 61 pairs/markets that the program can trade in. Each Pair has a retail price of $3300inc but i never paid that, i got my initial 5 pairs for $5500. For my $15K i got another 20 pairs, this time including Gold, and a couple of Index's.
  3. @dmedini spent $5500 to start with, and just today i spent another $15,000 buying the pairs to trade, its a huge gamble, and its not for everyone. But i know if i traded that money on my own i would ultimately lose more than i make given some of my history maybe maybe not, but for me removing the emotion of fear is a blessing. Every night while i sleep, the program has produced a positive return, being in Australia my night is your day and more economic activity happens over my night. the first 2 weeks were a trial with only $500 and 2 pairs trading making $42, the last 2 and a bit weeks have been since i spent the $5500 and its made $450. so initial cost could be recouped in as little as 10 weeks if the market plays nice. Now i have jumped in the deep end and we will see what happens, all of which i will show here.
  4. Well another week has flown past, the auto trader program is still moving in a positive position, although this week has seen it slow down in its number of trades, its still added another $100 to my trading account. Which cant be all bad as i never once studied the market to place trades. Am now looking at expanding on the number of pairs it is trading but will also include Gold and and couple of Indexes like the AUS200.
  5. i practiced on the demo for almost 12 months before my wife would let me play with real money, lol. i wish i had started using the live account sooner, as i built up a very strong demo account and thought i had this nutted out only to be raped in my first few days of live trading, it was bind blowing to say the least, and the biggest thing i learned is that the fear factor is almost zero using the demo, but the moment it becomes real wow total different set of emotions come into play.
  6. @Albeegh05, you can check this thread out and i will send you a PM. Cheers DJ
  7. Skepticism and fear is what stops people jumping on the band wagon, But when my auto trader makes an actual loss i i will let u know, till then another $30 over night and a total of $412.02 in 19 days. and i agree on the gamblers with different system.
  8. MMMM far to involved, its 1 thing to come up with a trading plan/strategy and attempt to make it work, but over crowding ones brain with analytical data of others ideas and probability combating my own thoughts, its any wonder i have moved to an Auto Trading program, my mind relaxes so much more, but thanks @Mercury and @Caseynotes. Those are pretty coloured lines at the bottom of your graph Casey, im not even going to try and understand nor do i feel the need to know the how and whys of how they relate to the chart above it. Cheers Guys!!
  9. @Mercury, yer it was asked of you mate, sorry, rather new here and still learning the tricks of the forum. Thanks for your response. What does COT stand for please?
  10. @dmedin, Below is every trade its made so far up till midnight the 10th June. which is only 18 days of trading so far. I can tell you that today it cracked the $400 profit mark.
  11. I would never go back to trading stocks after trading index's watching 1 chart which covers the top 200 stocks is a lot less time consuming than watching 200 stocks, its also cheaper to trade and much quicker with CFD's than actually owning the stock outright. Yes @dmedin, its a series of algorithms that operate on a server not on my PC, so that it will run 24/7. I have a copy of the program that i could make it run on my PC, but if i suffer a power or internet failure, then it wont be trading, so better to have it off site.
  12. Whole heartily agree on keeping the bare minimum trades so that i can assess the data properly. These are the trades so far today and its only 2:30pm Monday here, i expect there to be a lot more transactions over night once the European and USA markets open.
  13. actually a lot of the FX charts had that big drop last week, was there some event that caused it?