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  1. refering to SpreadBet? the size is how much your bet is per market move (tick) . try the demo account for free to get a feel for how the system works. Risking on a live account will cost you. start small size (bet) and move up as you build strategy.
  2. I am interested in autmated trading strategy/system. I started building a java system that can be deployed in the cloud and operate 24/7. I use the REST and Streaming API for getting price data and managing positions/account. I wonder if anyone has experiance or would like to collaborate on this effort. The acctual trading strategy is built as a plugin/config so no trading secrets are shared. Cheers.
  3. Had similar issues and had to stop my developemnt until I figure out what is wrong. All began when I started doing automated testing of my software and the session will be opened and closed many times, I will reach the session limit after 5 tests or so. It may be possible to stop closing the session, I think reconnecting will give you the old session and the problem is solved. Otherwise, a bit risky moving to live account if the issue is server side. Has this been fixed yet?