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  1. Sometimes looking at minute charts I wish to check how much time is left in the current candle. IGProRealTime is great for this, they run a countdown with the candle.
  2. Is this possible? Kindly advise otherwise please accept as a suggestion. When running the browser in full screen mode (on a MacBook Pro) the OS menu bar is hidden so system time is not visible. Having it somewhere in the web platform would be very useful. Thanks
  3. Recent experience confirms that the answer to 1 is yes (as you would expect), and suggests to expect a credit in your account on payment day T+1.
  4. Kindly clarify 1. If I sell (some or all) shares after the ex-div date does IG remember that I am entitled to dividends? 2. If a company pays a dividend today when will my account be credited, i.e. how long should I wait before contacting support? Thanks
  5. I guess no answer means this isn't possible. We will raise a feature request. At the very least it should show up in the Unsettled - Credit account.
  6. Hello Is there a way of reviewing/confirming upcoming dividends on shares held past the record date? Thanks