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  1. Spent 30mins on hold just to be hung up on. Average time to speak to someone is between 30mins and an hour. Brutal lack of customer service. Your platform is telling me I cannot sell shares. For not reason other than "rejected". Incredibly poor all round.
  2. Hi, I asked IG this and was told two different things - 1) could be done but needed written request (wtf) or 2) that each line was £30 to trade.
  3. Share dealing account. Buy three USA shares (£30), then trades are free the next calendar month. I had the same issue. Now fee's are 0 on USA trades
  4. Not a day goes by where I am not left perplexed and on the hold for 30-45mins due to IG giving random reasons for not accepting trades, to the point where I feel they are unable to make markets or wilfully do not accept. Latest when trying to buy Novavax - "Order too far from last traded price". Odd as a) buy price is exactly the same. b) tried buying the stock for higher than the current share price - still rejected, in fact rejected at any price. Surprised if IG will still be here when RH comes to the UK. Utterly devoid of anything redeemable. Anyone know why this might be?
  5. Anyone know why you can only purchase Canopy or Aurora via leverage trades (CFD/Spread etc) not actually purchase the shares?
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