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  1. Its a real shame that IG and Sierra Chart seem to have a lot of drama between them. If they can both stop being babies and give the customers the option to go with Sierra. Its amazing! Here are the TPO charts from Sierra: https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/StudiesReference/TimePriceOpportunityCharts.html
  2. Sadly IG doesn't have an option for market profile with PRT. I emailed PRT asking if I can just buy their license and use the latest version along with market profile for a fee. I will report back what I hear. I know MT4 has some sort of add-on, but I'm not a big fan of MT4. Also I think it might be tick profile not real volume profile, because I don't think MT4 handles L2 data (I could be very wrong about this). Here's a nice free tool, works only for ES at the moment: http://herdtrails.com
  3. I've been playing with it for the past few hours. It's very impressive and helpful. I still can't decide if the moving average crossovers are valuable, but the dual colored bars definitely do give an edge.
  4. @Caseynotes I Found this bull/bear volume indicator for ProRealTime. I haven't used it yet, but it seems nice. https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-indicators/bear-bull-volume-indicator/
  5. Its crazy that its not rallying much more. This is the biggest drawdown in inventory since Sept 2016. Its a pretty big deal.
  6. The 4 hours candles are 'walking above' the Bollinger. a backtest of the past 2 years shows that this will almost certainly not end well for me. Took the loss, and now I'm out of the position. Public service announcement: DO NOT FALL ASLEEP DURING BIG NEWS ON AN OPEN TRADE!
  7. Thanks for your prompt replies. Happy trading I'll just have to sit and wait, painful as it may be.
  8. I'm about to be short squeezed on WTI. Fell asleep before API numbers yesterday, after a week of full of bad trading decisions. My short position will not force close until around $60.0 Barring any geopolitical tension, do you think we can come back down to $57.2 (where I opened the short). Or is this about to rise much more? If I close it now I lose a significant amount of money (for me anyways). Would you advise I deposit more money to keep the position alive in the hope that it comes back to 57.2 or close to it? @Caseynoteswould really appreciate your input. Also @elle if you would be so kind to chime in.
  9. Yes that's really nice! Exactly what I needed. @Caseynotes
  10. @Caseynotes I think this should work fine . Thank you very much.
  11. @cryptotrader Out of curiosity are you using 13 and 20 periods or are you changing the standard deviation?
  12. Thank you! Any idea about up/down volume (sometimes called bull/bear volume)?
  13. Oil volumes this morning are exceptionally low. Almost no sellers. Be careful in either direction.
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a market breadth indicator for indices. It is simply computed on a stock market by taking the ratio of the number of advancing stocks to declining stocks. Looks like this: I'm also looking for an UP/Down volume indicator that shows the volume of long to short. Its useful in identifying reversals. This would only work for instruments with real volume not tick volume. Looks like this: Do we have anything similar on IG's platform or on PRT?
  15. @PandaFace If I want to scalp oil during the day, but don't intend to have the position open at end of the day, is it better to use spot than futures because of the spread? Or does it all equal-out somehow? Do futures have wider spreads than spots on all brokers, or is this an IG quirk?
  16. I too am interested in this answer. @JamesIG can you please chime in.
  17. @Caseynotes This could explain gold to some extent: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-10/china-snaps-up-more-gold-in-six-month-spree-as-tensions-escalate
  18. @Caseynotes Very well spotted sir!
  19. Looks to me like a H&S (starting June 5th) that's about to complete the last down leg. But what happens after that? Crude hasn't been following the SPX up.
  20. @caseynotes Thanks for always having a good answer! DMA looks very interesting.
  21. You need to study your specific market closely. I trade the DAX, where the cash gaps are a daily thing, but the futures gaps tend to be weekly. Both tend to get filled, but in different 'ways'. You also need to be cognizant of whether you are trading during open-outcry, in which case cash index is the dominant. PS> Gaps are not always filled, Check out the gap near Gold's all time high (I've often heard there are a couple of large positions still open 8+ years, still hoping the price comes back).
  22. Any order flow traders know an answer to this?
  23. I need a level 2 data for US Crude and SP500 and the DAX. I already have ProRealTime. - Can I get level 2 data for those three instruments? - Can I get an L2 price ladder on PRT or on the web platform? I see a tradebook on PRT but its not right.