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  1. It really is unacceptable. I’ve been trading with IG for 4-5 years and experienced various outages and frustrations with the stability of the platform, typically at the most inconvenient of times. However, these outages in the last 24 hours are serious. Calling to deal doesn’t help when market volatile.
  2. Read plenty of articles from the tin foil crowd about gold going to 10,000 an oz and with hyper inflation and currency crisis it may. Of course this is irrelevant if it costs $20 for a bread roll. If the USD drops/crashes etc I think we could see $1500 in the not so distant future. Double long term (3 yrs) is entirely feasible...but I'm not holding my breath thinking NFP is going to get this back to July highs. Good trading all.
  3. Depends which chart you are looking at. Gold broke through support level of 1310 but has not fallen to 1300 as of yet. I agree about the Non Farm Payroll but it's forecast to be down on last month and is historically low in August. With the poor U.S. PMI yesterday I'm wondering if gold is going to bounce at 1:30 if the NFP is the same as forecast. The USD index (DXY) is due for dip too which should encourage a bounce... But it all depends on the artificial NFP
  4. Hi Do you think BREXIT was the catalyst for the strong rally? I'm of the opinion that the U.S elections have hampered the gold rally with a propped up stock market. But could this change come Oct 1st with the Yuan SDR listing? All eyes on NFP today.
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