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  1. Think I may of just called the top in the dollar haha. Next time I'll keep my big mouth shut.
  2. Mercury time to let go of this idea. King dollar is on the move
  3. hey elle, whats ur thoughts on eur/usd? Are u a long term bull or bear? Im guessing short term bear
  4. hey mercury not sure if you noticed my reply. It was delayed as I posted as a guest. Just scroll back a touch to see it. Anyway oh dear I took large profits and we are going back down it seems haha. Thank god I still own the puts 😉 Close below 11,100 and we are back on
  5. Just wondering but why do you think we will see such a large pullback?
  6. Personally im doubtful we will see a significant pull back. I think 9,500 worst case scenario. Any bottoming pattern and I will scramble to get back in. For the time being I will sit back and relax, not going to play dollar weakness trade.
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