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  1. Bitcoin really on fire but need really cautious approach its getting where it will love to destroy all the shorts 😀
  2. yes exactly it was down cose of few companies specially mercedes growth down from expected but lets hope for good today as its new day and new dawn lol
  3. hi casey don't you think dax might move up today
  4. mykig

    JD Sports

    They must know the big institutional orders are placed hence price will shoot
  5. So what you suggest should wait and see or enter into it
  6. mykig

    Gold Weekly

    Banks won't let chancer to come even near their doors because they have people monies to play with hence they can't rely on chancers like myself lol😀
  7. mykig

    Gold Weekly

    He is rite professionals don't need stops as they anticipate before head exactly what will be happening in future and they can predict that after so much days that's where we will be they only keep eye on their stocks now and then.Now that might sounds illogical or funny to you but that's exactly whats happening .
  8. Thanks a lot for putting seed in my mind otherwise I was gonna get destroyed hence i waited and didn't go for impulsive short I longed after watching all the drama hence saved but again thanks a lot otherwise I was gonna get crushed
  9. you are right wait and look for whats happening with interest rates but trading is all around probability.In worse case either I will owe you 13 points or otherwise you owe me 13 points lol😀
  10. mykig

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    massive potential for oil to drop to 5280 after NYSE open
  11. But you will be really annoyed when you need help no one there
  12. any ways thanks i am trying to keep consistently here so won't miss action lol😀
  13. Thanks a lot Casey for offering help all I follow here is you and elle because it only make sense to me.But somehow when ever elle write something i get update email which really helps but in your case i follow you as well but still don't get updates or if i do get opportunity mostly gone by than don't know how to activate that.