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  1. yes exactly it was down cose of few companies specially mercedes growth down from expected but lets hope for good today as its new day and new dawn lol
  2. hi casey don't you think dax might move up today
  3. mykig

    JD Sports

    They must know the big institutional orders are placed hence price will shoot
  4. Banks won't let chancer to come even near their doors because they have people monies to play with hence they can't rely on chancers like myself lol😀
  5. He is rite professionals don't need stops as they anticipate before head exactly what will be happening in future and they can predict that after so much days that's where we will be they only keep eye on their stocks now and then.Now that might sounds illogical or funny to you but that's exactly whats happening .
  6. massive potential for oil to drop to 5280 after NYSE open
  7. But you will be really annoyed when you need help no one there
  8. any ways thanks i am trying to keep consistently here so won't miss action lol😀
  9. Thanks a lot Casey for offering help all I follow here is you and elle because it only make sense to me.But somehow when ever elle write something i get update email which really helps but in your case i follow you as well but still don't get updates or if i do get opportunity mostly gone by than don't know how to activate that.
  10. Yes, looking at the dailies it's a pretty bleak row of insignificant candles stretching back over a week, the Ger econ senti at 10am may get a reaction but everyone seems to be waiting for the FOMC mon pol statement tomorrow. Flat and balanced markets are difficult and not trading is often the better plan until they become directional again, otherwise it's a case of drilling down and finding short sharp targets playing the range. wish everybody had read that yesterday to kept them selves safe from double edge sword thanks casey
  11. Yes I know and he mentioned that as well but he is doing the same but the difference is he not a broker he just create a big hedge fund where he get best prices from broker as a team obviously he will be a big account so he will get all the perks even down to zero spread sometimes but I am not against any broker its just the understanding of the system. As I mentioned even ig offer different rates to big fishes a capitalist system rich will have more opportunities than poor hence rich will get more richer every day and poor more poorer . It was just the customer service thing trust me I just
  12. I am new to IG when I was opening account though its Demo Account the gentleman really nicely mentioned if you need any help let us know and how much you thinking of investing . I think that was a mistake and I told him I am not really big trader will be starting with couple of thousand he said no worries I will call you back in two weeks that was around month ago never heard from him.The same day another gentleman called and said if you need any help with IT related issue let us know . I told him I might need help with installing MT4 on my mac but let me check first your platform and if you c
  13. Hope will get direction today as already crushed yesterday lol
  14. Hi casy I believe we should restrain our selves for now from DAX or FTSE as its in a bit of danger zone from here anything can happen hence better to wait until they go out of consolidation phase am i right?
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