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  1. Caseynotes...much appreciated for your time. I've tried in the 'New Trade' & 'New Order'...but had the same results! I've also tried to do it in the demo, but it wouldn't let me trade ETFs...I will get in contact with Customer Service Thanks again for the advice! Have a great day!
  2. HI Caseynotes....there is also no 'Forward' option on my app...so I'm slightly confused. 🤔
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply...this is my screenshot if I go 40 lower...so, is this correct? so I need to put in a greater number than 1407.0? This number seems a lot higher, not lower...it is also says the minimum is 10%, so that would be 126.6900, right? Also, my buying platform is slightly different than any other platforms that I have watched, so whatever tutorial I watch doesn't totally apply to mine. Thanks in advance
  4. I need some advice re: Stops when buying an ETF I am planning on keeping my ETF for the long term. The current price is 140.6900 It is telling me that I have to do enter a stop distance greater than 1407.0 I'M confused as I thought the stop distance had to be less than the current price. If anyone could offer advice, It'd be much appreciated Kind Regards
  5. Hello I would like to buy index funds in Vanguard's VTSAX...However, I can only find Vanguard VT.SAX on IG's app. Are these the same? I ask as I was told you need a minimum of $3000 U.S. to start for the VTSAX.... But, for the VT.SAX it seem that $200 dollars is all you need. Thanks in advance!
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