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  1. @Toppie_Australia If you want to trade crypto use a crypto broker such as FTX and Binance their quite reputable and their margins are hugely smaller than IG. Personally I don't like the Binance platform it's just too confusing to navigate around and their id verification is a nightmare (just don't even go there). I prefer using the 3commas platform and use the API interface to connect my brokerage accounts.
  2. Ive been trying for 3 days to open crypto positions but I cant because IG's internal limit has been reached. I regularly traded crypto but since 1 March havent been able to open any position. Doesnt give me much confidence IG.
  3. What's going on? I haven't been able to open any crypto position for the past 3 days because it says "we've reached our internal product limit". This doesn't give me any confidence with my funds in an IG account. Please explain?
  4. Today I tried buying BTCUSD with a stop order below current price of 28700 and limit order above current price to take profit. It wouldnt allow the order saying the minimum was around 21000 which is ridiculous. Why cant I place these orders? I also tried selling with stop above current price and limit below, but got the same minimum stop 21000.
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