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  1. How is Iron Ore Commodities Interest Calculated with no futures markets?
  2. Hi all, So suppose I buy iron ore on spread betting account and I receive interest on this daily (credited), can this flip and can I be debited if the futures price goes on the other side of the spot price? Or for a certain commodity (like iron ore) will I always be credited for going long because the futures price will always be on a certain side of the spot price (always will be higher/lower)? Could you also clarify which side (higher/lower) the spot price has to be in relation to the futures price in order to be credited? Thanks for your time. Sorry for this question, I'm new
  3. Hi all, I would just like to understand more about Daily Commodity Interest. I understand that depending on what side of the futures curve the current spot price is you will be credited or debited. But what side should the futures price be in relation to the current spot price in order to be credited? How are these futures prices decided and can it alternate between being above and below the spot price? Can I be debited one month because the spot price is below/above the futures price and then the next month be credited because the spot price is on the opposite side of the
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