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  1. Let's say I bought Apple CFD for $100. It then drops to $80. It slowly moves up to $81. Can I then put a trailing stop on (distance of $5) that only begins if Apple reaches $105? In other words only when profit > 0? Then if Apple goes to $107 then heads down towards $100, the position automatically closes at $102, returning a profit of $2.
  2. I thought a trailing stop would only require Distance and Step inputs. Does anyone know why the iPad app still displays a Stop Level input? The chart displayed a red line for the Stop Level at 210 but no line at the 1500 distance. Is it using two stops? E.g. the Stop Level initially then at some point the Distance instead?
  3. Can IG staff see users' account balances and transactions? I was just thinking, if IG staff spotted users who they thought were performing exceptionally well, could they then mimic those user's actions personally themselves?
  4. Aha. Thanks. And I've noticed sometimes it's smaller, sometimes larger. I suppose that's always something to consider before buying yes? I wonder then can the spread normally be expected to vary widely? Depending the particular underlying stock or are there other factors?
  5. Hi I'm using a demo account on an iPad. I've noticed often when I buy a CFD in a share, e.g. Apple, immediately it shows a loss on the P&L. Is that based on the difference between the buy price and the sell price? Is that called the spread?
  6. Are parameters such as stop loss and limits levels I set on a CFD stock trade confidential or can other people see what I've set?
  7. People can just ignore the image I entered above. I tried to delete it but couldn't on my iPad.
  8. Yes it looks like it is cents. Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm using the iPad app. So I guess according to what you say it means cents in the case of Apple stock. E.g. 200 cents = $2?
  10. Thanks. So in that example I would set the stop distance to 20,000 to be a $2 distance, or at $192.1400, correct?
  11. Apple inc share buy price is currently $194.1400. The deal ticket iPhone screen has a stop distance +- spinner. If I enter “2” in there does it represent $2 (e.g. stop loss at $192.1400) or something else?
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