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  1. Anyone that can recommend any tips for me optimize the code?
  2. Wow. That looks crazy good. I've been looking at the coding to understand it better and I can't seem to find out where the problem lies.
  3. Can someone help me understand why just changing the units makes a huge difference? Thank you
  4. When I, updated the units (x)units it automatically set the units to 15000 and the results are amazing, however when I put 100,000 it's showing me terrible results. I find this crazy fascinating.
  5. Eventhough I've set the backtest time frame for a year, only one trade occurs on the 17th of Oct 2019
  6. // Definition of code parameters DEFPARAM CumulateOrders = False // Cumulating positions deactivated DEFPARAM FLATAFTER = 210000 // Prevents the system from creating new orders to enter the market or increase position size before the specified time noEntryBeforeTime = 080000 timeEnterBefore = time >= noEntryBeforeTime // Prevents the system from placing new orders to enter the market or increase position size after the specified time noEntryAfterTime = 160000 timeEnterAfter = time < noEntryAfterTime // Prevents the system from placing new orders on specified da
  7. Thank you @DSchenk! I've entered the code on to the platform and seems to work, however on the ftse100 it seems to only work on the 5minute intervals and only 1 trade occured. Have I somehow messed up the code? if so could you please assist me. Thank you so much for sharing great information by the way, it means a lot! E.
  8. Hello @DSchenk, Thanks for the reply. I have never coded previously and I cant seem to input your parameters on prorealtime through the easy method. Thank you, E.
  9. Hello, I am new to pro real time and I am very interested in your strategy, I've tried but so far have failed to implement your strategy on my own pro real time platform. Can you help me with how I could add this and would this trading strategy for all stocks and indices? Thank you, E.
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