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  1. Hi, I'm new to IG and am using the demo account from the browser platform (i.e. the web site, not an iOS or Android app, nor MT4). One thing that strikes me is that the live and demo workspaces look exactly the same, I would expect to see a large "DEMO" banner, or that the top menu bar be, say black in demo and red in live. As I'm new to this I expect to be going back and forth between the two to try out new strategies in the demo before I use real funds. My worry is that one day I'll be in live and think I'm in the demo, and place a large trade and let it bomb out. What do others do to ensure you don't make that mistake? Also just a quick question re the naming of the indices IG use, is this correct? Wall St = Dow 30? Germany 30 = DAX? US tech 100 = NASDAQ-100 US 500 = S&P 500 Index? Thank you!